Over 100 Russian Companies Eager To Invest in Pakistan, SBI Reports

In an official statement issued by the Sindh Board of Investment (SBI) last week, more than a hundred Russian companies related to the pharmaceutical, construction, machine manufacturing and other sectors, have shown great interest in investing in Pakistan.

The statement was released after a meeting between the SBI and a delegation consisting of the officials of the Trade Commission of Russian Consulate in Karachi. The commission was being led by Alexy Kudrayavtsey. Head of Russian Trade in Karachi Pakistan, Mr. Ruslan Aliev also attended the meeting.

Mr. Kudrayavtsey briefed the SBI Chairperson, Naheed Memon about the opportunities Russian investors look forward to explore in Pakistan. The two sides discussed investment opportunities and other financial endeavors that would be benefiting both Russia and Pakistan in the future.

Talking to the delegation, Ms. Memon expressed well wishes for the endeavor and hoped that the promotion of trade between the two countries will open further opportunities for progress and prosperity in the trade sector and beyond.

Memon also stressed upon the importance of utilizing all resources and exploring the potentials that both countries have to offer each other in order to pave way towards a better economy for all the players on board.

Memon assured the Russian delegation that she would be taking a personal interest in the whole process to make sure that the ball begins rolling smoothly and as quickly as possible.

In the meeting, the trade delegation briefed the chairperson SBI about the history of the relationship between Russia and Pakistan. The SBI Chairperson assured the delegation that she would be offering her full cooperation to any Russian companies that might be interested in investing in Pakistan. She also said that she would ensure that regular meetings be held so that the process of prosperity be a smooth and fruitful one.

Image: SBI

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