Peshawar 2.0 Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014

Peshawar 2.0 is a social enterprise that wants to build an entrepreneurial ecosystem in Peshawar. Peshawar 2.0 participated actively in Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014 by organizing multiple events between November 17 and November 23. They covered 10 campuses; hosted 9 speakers and addressed more than 1000 students during these events, which aim to encourage entrepreneurial activity.About Global Entrepreneurship Week

Every year, Global Entrepreneurship Week aims to bring together innovators who want to launch startups, and bring their ideas to life. This is a global celebration, boosting interest in entrepreneurship and encouraging students and other self-starters to open themselves up to new possibilities. By encouraging students to think as founders and creators, they are able to aim for more than a 9-5 job and increase economic activity in their cities.

Peshawar 2.0 and GEW – The Second Time Around

Peshawar 2.0: GEW 2014

Peshawar 2.0: GEW 2014

This was the second time Peshawar 2.0 took part in Global Entrepreneurship Week, with the 2013 festivities being arranged at a smaller scale. As mentioned, they covered 10 campuses, which allowed them to engage with students that might not have been previously exposed to the idea of entrepreneurship.

Inspiring Speakers Across Various Industries

Peshawar 2.0: GEW 2014

Peshawar 2.0: GEW 2014

With weeks of planning going into Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014, Peshwar 2.0 pulled out all the stops. They visited universities across the city, including medical, engineering, computer sciences and business schools. Topics covered at the talks included “Unleashing your ideas through startups” to “Graduate Entrepreneurship” and much more. Speakers included mobile app developers, business researchers, entrepreneurs, technologists and business strategists. They encouraged the attendees to think beyond the obvious, be enterprising and innovative in their approach to solving problems. They pushed the idea of mentorship and networking as a way to easing common problems entrepreneurs face when starting out. They were able to share their failures and successes, allowing the students to learn from their experiences, and adding a personal element to each talk.

Peshawar 2.0: GEW 2014

Peshawar 2.0: GEW 2014

At the “Unleashing your ideas through start-ups” talk by Faisal Khan (co-founder of Peshawar 2.0), he talked about the importance of original business ideas and how students need to work towards making them a reality instead of just trying to get a good job.

“Peshawar 2.0 will help entrepreneurs with innovative ideas in establishing start-ups and help them connect with potential investors,” Khan added.

Here is a complete list of all the sessions and the speakers held over the entire week:

  1. Building a successful mobile app startup – Asad Iqbal
  2. The secret to success – Waqas Khan
  3. The importance of small opportunities – Deefee Productions
  4. What’s the coolest thing you can do – Muhammad Uzair
  5. Medical entrepreneurship – Usman Raza
  6. Unleashing Your Ideas Through Startups – Faisal Khan
  7. Microsoft Bizsparks, opportunities and tools for startups – Shahzad Syed
  8. Graduate Entrepreneurship – Salman Ahmad
  9. Next Generation biomedicine and the power of entrepreneurship – Faisal Khan.
Peshawar 2.0: GEW 2014

Peshawar 2.0: GEW 2014

Peshawar 2.0 wrapped up Global Entrepreneurship Week 2014 with an invite-only meetup of the student organizers from every campus for a panel discussion at Basecamp, dedicating the evening to Elon Musk.

While Peshawar 2.0’s celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week sounds like it was a collection of great speakers, we hope they have video recordings from each event that can be shared with those who were unable to attend.

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