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Punjab Launches Judicial E-Stamping System All Across The Province

The Government of Punjab has launched a new initiative, Judicial e-Stamping, in collaboration with the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) under its program to promote digital reforms in the province.

The government has officially introduced the judicial e-Stamp papers on Friday, December 23, in all 36 districts of Punjab. Among the banks, The Bank of Punjab Civil Lines Branch, Lahore, has been the first to issue a judicial e-Stamp paper.

What is e-Stamping System?

E-stamp or electronic stamp means a digitally generated impression on a piece paper to represent the payment of stamp duty or such other amount that would have otherwise been paid as an imprinted, impressed or adhesive stamp, generated by the Electronic Stamping System.

E-Stamping System has quite a few benefits over the traditional paper stamping. Here are some:

  • Total issuance time of stamps will significantly be reduced; e-Stamping will shorten time and save millions of hours per year for an average person.
  • The System will take just a few minutes to complete the whole process.
  • The e-Stamping system uses web-based digital service to issue both judicial and non-judicial stamp papers.
  • The stamp duty varies for different stamps depending upon their value; the e-Stamping system calculates the stamp duty on the basis of data provided by clients.

It would be interesting to note that the Government of Punjab had previously launched the currently operational non-judicial e-Stamping system in October 2016. With the recent development now, both judicial and non-judicial e-Stamp papers will be available in entire Punjab. It will now take only 10-15 minutes to get the stamps issued which earlier took about two to three days.

PITB has been holding training sessions and workshops for government officials and relevant authorities to train them in handling E-Stamping System tools. The institute on Saturday issued guidelines to citizens calling for collaboration between all sectors of society to work together in order to ensure that these digital services meet the expectations of the general public.

People can visit any nearest branch of Bank of Punjab, to get e-Stamp papers after filling a challan 32-A form on official website of e-stamping (

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