QforQuran: This Ramadan Make Friends With The Quran App You Need

Smartphone apps are now an intrinsic part of our daily life. Anything you do, you can do more efficiently using an app. This ease in performing day to day activities drives more people towards smartphones each day. And with the increase in mobile user base, more apps are developed to cater to the needs of new users.

Currently, various apps in the market are catering to the needs of Muslims. All these apps aim to assist Muslims in practicing their religious duties on the go. These apps let you find prayer timings, read Quran with Tafseer, and find Qibla direction, no matter where you are.

A variety of smartphone apps have been developed to aid the Muslim community in reading and memorizing Quran. However, there is a lack of apps focusing on building a habit of regular Quran reading or promoting the community reading of Quran among Muslims.

QforQuran is a platform with the aim to fill this gap and bring the Muslim community together through Quran. QforQuran is the world’s first habit building, community driven Quran reading app. The app was launched in 2016 for both Android and iOS users. After receiving much appreciation from the Muslim community for its novel features, QforQuran is all set to launch its web application this Ramadan.

QforQuran brings the beautiful but, sadly, now less prevalent Muslim concept of Quran Khwani to your smartphones. Users can create Quran recitation events with a few clicks and invite their-their loved ones to read Quran with them. Users can contribute in completing Quran, no matter where they live. The Quran reading app uses learning and gaming techniques that encourage users to read Quran every day and helps in developing a habit. Some key features of the application include:

  1. Community Reading of Quran

With QforQuran, you are not just reading the Quran alone but are always contributing in completing Quran with the community. By reading 10 ayahs each day, users can contribute in completing up to 1000 Qurans. Thus, the Sawaab you earn doubles as you are reading Quran and also helping others read Quran.

  1. Online Quran Khwani Events

The best feature that sets QforQuran apart from other Quran reading apps is its Quran recitation events. For centuries, Muslims have kept Quran a center of their lives by holding Quran Khwanis in happiness and sorrow. However, presently, due to our relentlessly busy lifestyles, it is laborious to make exhaustive arrangements of Quran Khwani at our own homes. QforQuran digitizes the concept of Quran Khwani and eliminates the need for any preparation on your part. Using the Quran reading app, you can create Quran recitation events easily and read Quran with your loved ones.

To honor the services of late Abdul Sattar Edhi before his death anniversary, QForQuran is currently holding an online Quran Khwani for him on their web app. With this initiative, QforQuran is uniting Muslims from all around the world to read Quran for Edhi. QforQuran aims to continue this tradition by creating Quran recitation events for different people and occasions.

  1. Habit Building System

QforQuran helps users develop a Quran reading habit by allowing them to read Quran at their own pace. Users enter the amount of time they are willing to give to Quran reading each day.  Users are then automatically assigned tasks according to their time preference. There is a deadline for each task. Users only read 5-10 minutes of Quran daily. Gradually, this becomes a routine, and users start reading Quran more efficiently and giving it more time.

  1. Gamification

The Quran Reading app uses gamification techniques involving reward mechanism. The reward mechanism mainly targets gamers and teenagers and motivates them to read Quran. Users are required to complete the assigned daily or weekly goals to earn rewards and unlock higher levels. The users feel tempted to finish these challenges quickly and consequently, read more Quran.

  1. Track Your Progress

QforQuran enables you to view your personal progress as well as the community’s progress. Personal progress view enables the user to see the number of ayahs, and his/her contribution to Quran reading. Whereas the home view enables a user to view the number of verses read, the number of users in the community, and the number of Qurans completed.

Other features include:

  • Translation of Quran in five different languages including English, Arabic, Malaysian, Hindi and Indonesian.
  • Social Media integration with both mobile and web app.
  • Daily and weekly progress view of your personal and community Quran reading contribution.
  • Customizable font styles and sizes.

QforQuran blends the latest technological trends with the age-old Muslim tradition of Quran Khwani. Currently, it is the only app that allows you to read Quran with your peers. As a community QforQuran has the potential to become a platform for Muslims to bond with each other through Quran.

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