Best Ramadan Apps To Help Muslims Reap Benefits Of The Holy Month

Lately quite a number of Ramadan apps have been launched for the Muslims to enable them to keep track of their performance of the religious duties during the holy month of Ramadan-ul-Mubarak.

Those Muslims who fast can now keep track of Sehri (morning meal), Iftaar (evening meal) and prayers timing through various Ramadan apps. Most of these applications also provide the right direction for prayers, which is another plus for frequently travelling Muslims.

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Important Ramadan Apps

  • Seerah App: The Seerah app emphasizes on the Prophet’s life story from the beginning till his migration to Medina. Users can read stories, witness interactive animation, play games and study about various moments of the Prophet’s life.
  • Ramadan Legacy: The Legacy app allows user to access a 30-day interactive Ramadan planner. Through this app, users can share their Ramadan experience and learn more about the religious duties side by side.
  • Islamic GPS: With this app, users can explore mosques and Islamic revolutions globally. The app is programmed to assist the seekers to discover and connect with enriching Islamic history around the world.
  • Muslim Emoji: This app contains more than a 100 exclusive emoticons that can be used with various messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger and more.
  • Quran Companion: A promising app to learn the Holy Quran by heart in the easiest and smartest way. The app is backed up by scientific learning techniques and games.

Many individuals have already started downloading these applications with more apps being introduced daily to assist the fasting Muslims.

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Role of these apps in professional life

Though the old school approach does not usually approve of tech based innovation, yet these apps now play a vital role in our daily lives. These apps help busy professionals in keeping track of their religious responsibilities while keeping in balance their demanding jobs.

These apps include features such as to-do list. This feature helps as a reminder to offer five time prayers, to contribute in charity, do’s and don’ts of fasting and much more. Such features are the reason luring tech-savvy young Muslims towards these applications. The wide range available allows one to choose the best suited app to one’s needs. Most are free, some are paid while a few offer a range of free services but reserve some for premium paid customers.

Which Ramadan app(s) are you looking forward to have in your smartphone?

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