Ramadan 2019: Sehar-o-Iftar Timings Across Islamabad And Rawalpindi

Pakistan observed the first fast of the month on Tuesday (7th May 2019) after the Ruet-e-Hilal Committee of Pakistan officially announced that the month of Ramadan would begin in Pakistan from the night of Monday (6th May 2019).

It has become a norm in Pakistan that almost every grocery store issues their own Ramadan pamphlets just before the Ramadan commences. Their idea is to keep the audience well-informed about the timings of Sehar-o-Iftar of the particular city. However, religious scholars (Muftis) of a certain community or Masjid believes that the timings may not be accurate. The scholars feel there is no authenticity about the stated timings.

To help address this very issue, particularly in the twin cities of Pakistan, i.e. Islamabad and Rawalpindi, we will be sharing Ramadan 2019 timetable which is approved and verified by the Mufti of Bahria Town, Phase 4 Masjid.

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Sehar-o-Iftar timings in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

The Sehar timing in the twin cities will vary between 03:37 AM to 03:13 AM for all 29 days. As far as the Iftar timings are concerned, the range of the timing will be from 06:58 PM to 07:18 PM.

It is pertinent to mention that do not close or break your fast on Adhan (Azaan). Different Masjids have different Adhan timings. Moreover, the Muazin (the one who calls for a prayer) may get a fraction late. Also, there could be any other issue due to which he might give Adhan before or after the actual time. Therefore, it is advisable to close and break your fast at least one or two minutes prior to the actual time.

Following is the schedule of Sehar-o-Iftar timings across the twin cities:

In the aforementioned schedule besides the schedule, there is plenty of more information which is also useful. In case of any query, the number is also mentioned to call. However, it would be appropriate to leave a text message before making a call.

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