RepairDesk Launches System for Mobile Repair Businesses

RepairDesk Launches System for Mobile Repair BusinessesRepairDesk Launches System for Mobile Repair Businesses

Founder of RepairDesk, Usman Butt, earned a degree in Finance, and began his career in software development. After gaining valuable insight into business and marketing strategy, he launched, IMEI Unlock, a service provider that unlocks cell phones. He was soon approached by mobile repair shops around the world for assistance, and the idea for RepairDesk was born.

Essentially, RepairDesk is a cloud-based Point of Sales system that simplifies and organizes workflow for mobile repair businesses. It’s a platform that allows users to “manage store inventory, generate & track repair tickets,
 monitor sales, and manage customers.” RepairDesk received the help of LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship, a Lahore-based incubator for new startups in Pakistan.

Cloud-based POS systems have become increasingly popular amongst retail businesses. These systems are keeping entrepreneurs informed, secure, and on top of their work. Not only are they convenient, but according to an interview, the prices are also more appealing than that of older alternatives.

“Traditional POS systems typically charge you a software license fee per register and then a yearly maintenance fee of 18 to 20 percent for upgrades. The problem with this model is that if you’re unhappy with your purchase after, say, a month, you’re out the full cost upfront. SaaS is more of a partnership model in that you pay a monthly fee only and nothing upfront. These monthly fees cover software, support, backups and future upgrades.”


The more a repair business grows, the more likely they are to need a solid system for organizing money and customers. So what’s the value behind the product, and do businesses really need it?

RepairDesk allows users to keep track of items for repair, set deadlines, assign employee certain tasks, save customer information, collect deposits, print repair tickets, and manage invoices and receipts. The idea is to maximize efficiency, from the time a customer walks in, to the time they return to pick up their device. RepairDesk also notifies employees when certain supplies are running low, and gives in-depth analytics that help businesses anticipate demand.

Interested businesses can request a demo or sign up directly from the RepairDesk website. They offer 3 plans for businesses – starter, standard, and advanced, depending on the number of employees and the number of stores a business operates.

Hitting the Jackpot

One of the primary reasons for this startup’s promising beginnings is their lack of competition. While there are plenty of POS systems out there, none cater to the mobile repair industry in a comparable way.

Finding just the right niche right off the bat is rare. Entrepreneurs usually have to immerse themselves in the industry before being able to discover a legitimate market gap. Luckily, Usman stumbled upon his market gap and didn’t hesitate to capitalize on it.

As it develops, Usman plans to expand RepairDesk slowly, and vows to hold off on selecting from a pool of interested investors  for the time being.

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