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Know Your Rights: Report Cyber Crimes As Criminal Activity

The issue of cyber crime has come to the limelight once again with the recent tragic incident of Mashal Khan’s cold blooded murder. The  unjustifiable display of brutality that resulted in the loss of life, has said to be triggered by misuse of his Facebook account by someone.

To tackle the issue of cyber crime, Government of Pakistan had recently enacted the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) . This is a way forward to counter the cyber crimes in Pakistan. An online web portal has been initiated by Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), where one can easily report the crime committed against one on the internet.  A menu named ‘REPORT CYBER CRIME’ is given on the said website, where the complaint can be launched easily.

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What Are Cyber Crimes?

Cyber crime is known to be any activity that is commissioned via computer, networks and digital devices used in the cyber realm, which is further facilitated through the medium of internet. Moreover, cyber crime includes distant theft of information belonging to a certain individual, corporate firm, or in some cases governments. It takes place through criminal trespassing into unauthorized systems around the world. From stealing millions of rupees to stalking cyber users and harassing them online, to faking or impersonating someone online, cyber crimes encompass these and more.

Sending different viruses on respective systems or combining defamation messages can also be seen as hallmark of cyber crime.

What Cyber Crimes Can You Report?

Following actions can be reported as cyber crimes

  • If your name has been used by someone in impersonification (or fake profile), on Facebook and Twitter
  • Spreading of racial or ethnic hatred
  • Hacking of any ID, i.e. Facebook, Email ID etc
  • Credit scams like easy paisa, credit card scams etc. and scams in online transactions
  • Access to your laptop or gadget without permission

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This persistent issue of cyber-crime can be reduced easily through this act, as our law enforcement agencies are taking it very seriously, which is a way forward to get rid of this menace.

How To Report Cyber Crimes As Criminal Activity?

In order to report a fake facebook profile to FIA Cyber Crime Wing, follow the steps:

  • Please visit
  • Fill the form and press submit button
  • Your complaint has now been submitted to FIA Cyber Crime Wing
  • To keep a proof of the action you took against fake profiles or fake blasphemy act, take a screenshot of your complaint form
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