Samsung Aims To Develop Stacked Design Batteries In Smartphones

According to the latest reports, Samsung is aiming to develop stacked designed batteries in its series of smartphones. The move will come into effect particularly after Samsung SDI’s hands-on experience with electric vehicle batteries.

A year ago, Samsung SDI commenced designing 5th generation batteries for electric vehicles. For the same, Samsung equipped the vehicles with stacked design process instead of conventional jelly roll method. The long-term benefit is that the components of this battery are packed together persistently. Resultantly, a higher capacity battery is installed against the same space. Similarly, Samsung is now aiming to implement same technology to smartphone batteries.

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Stacked design battery vs traditional jelly roll battery

A stacked design battery is essentially 10% larger in capacity than the traditional roll battery.

Example: Smartphone with 5,000mAh traditional jelly roll battery could accommodate 5,500mAh stacked design battery. The adjustment can be made in the same volume and outline. In addition, a smartphone’s appearance can be sleek and light within the same battery capacity.

Traditional battery cannot be packed tightly. The swelling occurs on the back of the device once the battery is overcharged. In some cases, the battery starts getting drained as electrodes get leaned out. Ultimately, flat-rolled battery harms the device after a certain point. On the contrary, the stacked design battery has the tendency to fill the dead space within a battery.

It is reported that Samsung is intending to manufacture stacked-type smartphone batteries at its Cheonan plant in Seoul, South Korea. To launch the successful line of production, Samsung is foreseen to spend an enormous sum of $85 million.

New Samsung smartphone series is projected to be publicized in the first quarter of 2023. It is hard to communicate the timeline as there is no official word from the company yet. However, the stacked design battery may well be ready to make its debut for Galaxy S23 or S24 series.

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