Following Note 7 disaster, 86% users are still willing to buy a Samsung phone: Survey

After the burning incidents caused by Samsung Note 7, how many of you would like to buy another Samsung phone? Most of you may not, but according to a survey, 86% people were sure to consider buy Samsung again.

ReportLinker conducted a survey in US to study the attitude of people towards the Note 7 problem. The same question was asked to 500 US based smartphone users from which 60% had a negative outlook.

Having loyal customers

Good news for Samsung is that even though these incident caused by Note 7 cracked its image; its customers are loyal towards it. Forgetting about the Note 7 story, the South Korean company has already started its progress for a Galaxy Note 8.

In the beginning, when Note 7 was released in August, consumers replied positively. After a month, several Note 7 owners reported that their phones exploded. As this news started to emerge from Korea and the US, Samsung instantly stopped the production and sale of the phones and recovered the faulty phones. In return, they offered newer Note 7 free of cost but the issue continued in the replaced phones as well.

Samsung also apologized for the incident of Note 7 so, in the end, Samsung ceased the production and admitted their guilt. According to company personnel, Samsung expects to recover their loss in the fourth quarter of the year. They are determined to recover the revenue through Samsung’s chip and display business.

More interesting facts

The survey also had some interesting news from the remaining 14% of the smartphone owners. Half of them decided to switch to Apple, 21% owners said they would buy LG and 18% wanted Google.

Being an alternative of Samsung, this can be a big advantage for both LG and Google. Google may have the upper hand being relatively new in smartphones with their Pixel and Pixel XL phones. The Nexus phones can’t be considered a better part in smartphone realm as it did not have the “Made by Google” tag on them. Let’s just hope for the best that it manufactures more innovative phones and does well for the smartphone industry.

What if we ask you the same question? Will you consider buying a Samsung phone following Note 7 disaster?

Source: Tech Republic

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