Samsung To Cater Apple’s Growing Demand For FC-BGA Chip

According to SamMobile report, Samsung will be supplying FC-BGA chip to Apple for its next-generation M2 processor. Subsequently, the growing demand of Apple’s substrate chip in its latest MacBook series of laptops, tablets and iPads will be taken care by Samsung. Resultantly, Samsung will be Apple’s leading supplier of the advanced and high-tech flip-chip ball grid array (FC-BGA) substrate. For the reference, in November 2020, Apple launched M1 chip but it was based on a British processor architecture and it was known as ARM.

The next-generation of Apple M series is going to be revealed later in the year. Upon successful supply of hardware chips, Samsung will reap tremendous financial gains. At present, Samsung is very close to strike the deal U.S. tech giant Apple. It is significant to mention that Korean phone maker is investing a whopping sum of $1 billion in the FC-BGA production facility in Vietnam. Additionally, Samsung has already invested over $241 million into its already existing chip fabrication plant in South Korea.

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About FC-BGA chip

FC-BGA is a substrate which is used in the production of chips. Essentially, it is a thin copper wire that transfers user instructions to chips and relay the answers. CPUs and GPUs are the core users of this chip particularly because it possesses enormous number of circuit connections.

Through FC-BGA, the electrical signals are transmitted and they are powered by connecting high-density semiconductor chips to the mainboard. Upon successful supply, Samsung will be reap tremendous financial gains.

Samsung already supplied its rigid flexible printed circuit board (RFPCB) for Apple smartphones including iPhone 12 and 13 models. Very few companies have supplied FC-BGA chip to Apple due to blockades to entry for production technology. Apart from Samsung, Nanya Technology Corporation, Japan’s Shinko Electric Industries and Ibiden Company and Taiwan’s Unimicron Technology Corporation are capable of producing FC-BGA substrate chips.

The industry experts believe that the successful deal could strengthen the partnership between the two tech giants.

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