Startup Battlefield Africa 2017: Get To Know About Effective Startup Pitches

In Pakistan, due to lack of sufficient exposure, new startups often find themselves at waters when having to present their pitch at any platform of significance. This often costs the inexperienced startups some substantial support they could avail from VCs and investors. Keeping this situation in mind, we have resourced here the video coverage of a pitching competition Startup Battlefield Africa the media tech giant Facebook organized in collaboration with technology media property Techcrunch, in Nairobi, Kenya last week.

Number of startups from all over Africa participated in the pitch-off competition in the following categories:

  • Gaming and Entertainment
  • Social Good
  • Productivity and Utility

Established investors and renowned founders came forward to evaluate the presented startups to pick the winners in each of the aforementioned categories, besides selecting an overall winner.

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The Startup Battlefield competition also had some prominent and popular speakers. During the event, they spoke about everything from investing in startups to boosting connectivity in the entire continent of Africa.

It is important that young entrepreneurs from Pakistan keep an eye out on the proceedings of international startup pitching events to keep themselves abreast of the format and the scoring techniques at such events.

Following are all the videos from the event which includes speaker sessions, Startup Battlefield pitches and a lot more:

1. Africa Unicorn – How do we produce the next African Unicorn?

Panelists: Eghosa Omoigui (EchoVC Partners), Tayo Oviosu (Paga), Sacha Poignonnec (Jumia)

Moderator: Jon Shieber (TechCrunch)

2. Startup Battlefied – Productivity and Utility

Judges: Wale Ayeni (International Finance Corporation, Aaron Fu (Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology), Andreata Muforo (TLcom Capital), Lexi Novitske (Singularity Investments), Eghosa Omoigui (EchoVC Partners)

Moderator: Matt Burns (TechCrunch)

Pitch #1: WeCashUp

Pitch #2: Form+

Pitch #3: Delivery Science

Pitch #4: Abacus Invest

Pitch #5: Sellio

Pitch #6: Lori Systems

3. Connectivity – Solving Africa’s Connectivity Equation

Panelists: Kamal Bhattacharya (Safaricom), Erik Hersman (BRCK), Bitange Ndemo (University of Nairobi), Uche Ofodile (

Moderator: Romain Dillet (TechCrunch)

4. Startup Battlefield – Gaming and Entertainment

Judges: Kamal Bhattacharya (Safaricom), Monique Idlett-Mosley (Reign Venture Capital), Leo Stiegeler (Ringier Africa AG), Chris Savides (ShowMax)

Moderator: Matt Burns (TechCrunch)

Pitch #1: Big5 Games

Pitch #2: Tango TV

Pitch #3: Lomay

Pitch #4: SynCommerce

5. Will Startups Solve Africa’s Biggest Development Problems?

Panelists:  Dr. Solomon Assefa (IBM Research – Africa), Rebecca Enonchong (AppsTech), Wambui Kinya (Andela), Juliana Rotich (Africa Tech Ventures, BRCK)

Moderator: Megan Rose Dickey (TechCrunch)

6. Startup Battlefield – Social Good

Judges:  Shuonan Chen (Agile Venture Capital), Yariv Cohen (Ignite Power, Kaenaat), Tomi Davies (Lagos Angels Network, African Business Angel Network), Isis Nyong’o Madison (Asphalt & Ink), Alexia Tsotsis (investor and former co-Editor, TechCrunch)

Moderator: Matt Burns (TechCrunch)

Pitch #1: ConnectedMed

Pitch #2: M-Shule

Pitch #3: Dot Learn

Pitch #4: Talent2Africa

Pitch #5: AgroCentra

7. Creative Industries – Digitizing Creative Industries

Panelists: Obi Asika (Dragon Africa), Bill Sellanga (Just a Band), Graeme Cumming (MultiChoice), Monique Idlett-Mosley (Reign Venture Capital), Samuel Mensah (Kisua)

Moderator: Ingrid Lunden (TechCrunch)

8. Keynote and Fireside Chat With Ime Archibong (VP Platform Partnerhsips, Facebook)

Moderator: Ingrid Lunden (TechCrunch)

9. Facebook Session – The Startup Journey To Success

Panelists: Chijioke Dozie (Co-founder and CEO, OneFi), Mark Essien (Founder and CEO,, Eric Thimba (Co-founder and CEO, MOOKH)

Moderator: Emeka Afigbo (Head of Middle East and Africa, Platform Partnerships)

10. Announcing The Winners Of Startup Battlefield Africa

You can learn more about the Startup Battlefield Africa and the winners.

All the videos shared in this post are TechCrunch productions.

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