Startup Grind Karachi to Partner-up with TiE Karachi

Startup Grind Karachi with TiE KarachiStartup Grind Karachi with TiE Karachi

TiEcon is a global conference of startups and entrepreneurs who gather to share, enhance and scale their ideas to push to the next level.

Startup Grind is a recognized series of events which are organized worldwide to inspire, share, meet, greet and teach entrepreneurs and startups to accelerate and grow their ideas.

Pakistan hasn’t been gone that far in the past to attract Silicon Valley and Angel Investors, but Technology, IT Development and Telecom advancement paving the pathway to get better.

tiecon org

TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) has been a global leader for fostering the entrepreneurship, startups and business mentorship. It is also known as a platform which promotes talent, business creativity, Ideas and enterprise development for the advancement of entrepreneurship. It was founded in 1992, in Silicon Valley by a group of successful investors, entrepreneurs and corporate executives.

Ever wondered about Startup Incubation, acceleration and mentorship in Pakistan?

Haven’t heard about The Nest i/o, Plan9 and Tech Incubator organizations?

Recently, Startup Grind Karachi joined TiE Karachi for ‘Enterprising Pakistan’ — A conference which was held on April 08, 2015 at Movenpick Hotel, Karachi, Pakistan. Such startup meet-ups and promotional conferences help startups and entrepreneurs to foster their skills, abilities and confidence for accelerating the growth and productivity.

Startup Grind Karachi Chapter

Startup Grind Karachi has been a successful chapter of this famous entrepreneurial events program ‘Startup Grind’ and has attracted thousands of startups and entrepreneurs across the country.

It has organized a list of successful events under Startup Grind Umbrella.


For instance, hosting Monis Rahman, the Chairman and CEO of Naseeb Networks (Creator of, has been an eye-catching event across the startup-culture fold in Pakistan.

He was listed at #6 in Forbes Magazine list of “Ten Big Hitting Asian Businessmen under 50”. He was invited to share his entrepreneurial insights and experiences on a Startup Grind Karachi Chapter event on Oct. 24, 2014.

Rai Umair &Nauman Sikandar

In a recent event, Startup Grind Karachi hosted Rai Umair and Nauman Sikandar of Both of them are Managing Directors at EatOye, and have been known for the extensive experience in corporate brands and organizations.

TiE Karachi Chapter

TiE Karachi has been another proclaimed ‘startup culture & entrepreneurship’ promoter in Pakistan. Partnerships with country’s major Tech and Startup Incubators, Organizations and Government-back Incubators and departments are few of the incredible achievements on TiE Karachi Chapter’s file.

TiE Karachi and Startup Grind Karachi Partnership: Nurturing the Space

TiE Karachi didn’t only partnered-up with Startup Grind Karachi, but also with other Startup Incubator hubs like Plan9, Pakistan Innovation Foundation, PASHA, SEED, The Nest i/o, Women’s Inc., Women X and Transform Pakistan.

The event like ‘Enterprising Pakistan’ has been a milestone where entrepreneurs, startup founders, incubation experts and mentors gathered to share views, ideas and concepts.

dan heath

Co-author of Bestselling book ‘Switch‘, Dan Heath reviews about the Eric Ries’ book ‘The Lean Startup‘ and says that “This book should be mandatory reading for entrepreneurs, and the same goes for managers who want better entrepreneurial instincts

Wrapping up

This looks extremely encouraging for those who believe and dream to be entrepreneurs. Have you ever attended such an event in Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar or Islamabad?

Screenshots credit: Startup Grind, TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) and Dan Heath

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