Startup Idea: ‘Fuel’ for Thought

The start-up scene is in a frenzy nowadays with the multiplying concepts of incubation, entrepreneurship and investment becoming increasingly prominent. Everyone wants to think of the next game-changing and never-before-seen ideas, and conducive atmosphere that has helped in producing some great start-ups which are solving problems for Pakistanis. In line with this, for those who haven’t settled on an idea yet, this one might be for you.

A Great Idea?

Booster Fuels — the US-based start up provides fuel for your vehicles in company parking lots. It’s a simple idea which has brought success for its founders. Customers can book to be filled up at specific times through the company’s app or site. Once booked, you just have to leave your petrol lid open and Booster’s drivers will come to fill your vehicle and email your receipt to you. You can book privately but the company also offers a corporate package — handy for companies with large fleets. A service which will save a lot time for its intended users.

Booster offer the various types of fuel you would expect to see at a pump with ‘competitive prices’. The prices regularly fluctuate as is standard with pumps, so you’ll pay the price for the day you have booked to be fueled up on. Needless to say, drivers are well trained in handling hazardous materials, whilst the company boasts a brand new fleet of vehicles with the correct approvals for dispensing fuel.

According to a press-release, the company states they have reduced the collective carbon footprint of its customers by a 162 tons — an impressive feat. They’ve also managed to pump three million gallons of fuel to their customers’ vehicles.

Can it Work in Pakistan?

The major problem faced by Pakistanis is the extra hurdles which need to be overcome that western nations don’t. Though Pakistan has come a long way in terms of incubators and a changed mindset for investing in business, issues such as security, theft and lack of infrastructure still exist.

The immediate threat of leaving one’s petrol can open in Pakistan comes to mind, even if this is mitigated, especially in company car parks or guard-controlled parking lots. All start-ups have to start somewhere, and the corporate contracts, especially bus companies and courier companies may find it easier to utilise such services if availed. Entrepreneurs always seem to find a way to skirt the challenges so it would be interesting to see, if a similar idea is taken up, how they would manage the issue.

The weights and measures are assured by the company in the US, but will remain an issue at the back of our minds as we have a prevalent problem of overcharging at pumps. Nothing that can’t be overcome … but again, just another hurdle we must face in Pakistan.

The start up has seen great success in the US and though implementing a similar model in Pakistan may face a couple of strategy and sales issues, the idea seems possible once a few challenges have been overcome.

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