Startup Weekend Lahore – Education sector is on the table

Many entrepreneurs have tapped the social sector of Pakistan giving priority to education due to extensive potential in this area. Recently, a very successful event was conducted by Startup Weekend Lahore with prime focus on education sector. Another event is on the cards as it will be held between 5-7 August, organized by LUMS Centre for Entrepreneurship and llm Ideas 2.

Being one of the innovators, Startup Weekend has conducted a series of events during the last few years in metropolitan cities of Pakistan. This organization is committed to deal with the pressing issues in the country by fostering a culture of entrepreneurship. They provide creative solutions to these problems. For this recent event, their theme is entirely based on education thus calling it ‘Startup Weekend Lahore Ed- Innovation.’

Education Innovators in Pakistan

Considering low literacy rate in Pakistan and lack of opportunities for the underprivileged, there is mammoth potential in this sector which is untapped. Many NGOs and entrepreneurs have not only identified areas for improvement but have also initiated successful programs to reduce the education gap. In their efforts to make education accessible, many startups such EdJunction, Teddict, and knowledge Platform are making their contributions. However, there is hardly any rivalry in this area due to endless possibilities and these players can collectively work for the betterment of education in Pakistan.

Coming back to Startup Weekend Lahore, its aim is to bring together education enthusiasts under one umbrella. Under this event, these education innovators and entrepreneurs will bring a vision to this event and suggest innovative solutions. During this event, the participants will meet various mentors, teachers, professionals and industry gurus who will guide them in bringing their ideas to life and ways to materialize them.

Registrations for this event have started and its deadline is 24th July. An open invitation is rolled out to anyone who is willing to contribute to empower the education system in Pakistan. It is also the best time for young professionals who need a path to express their solidarity to improve country’s education system. Save the date during first weekend of August.

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