Agency Matters: Telenor Replaces Adcom By Ogilvy Pakistan

In a recent significant development of the brand circuit, Telenor Pakistan has laid off Adcom Leo Burnett from the responsibility of managing its creative account. The duty has now has been handed over to Ogilvy Pakistan. They are set to take over the creative and advert duties from the recently ousted ad agency. It is noteworthy that Adcom Leo Burnett had been the telco operator’s agency in Pakistan for over a decade.

The decision came into effect after Ogilvy Pakistan had pitched a presentation to Telenor in March, earlier this year. However, it took the telecom operator couple of months to finally take a decision of recruiting Ogilvy Pakistan. One of the spokesmen of Adcom Leo Burnett stated that the handover process has already been initiated.

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What will Ogilvy Pakistan cover?

Ogilvy shall maintain a comprehensive portfolio for Telenor, Pakistan. For starters, they will be covering Telenor Bank (Easy Paisa), Telenor Corporate and Telenor 4G (Talkshawk). Moreover, it will also look after above the line activities, concentrating on both communication strategies and creative output. In addition, Ogilvy Pakistan will also be covering the digital and creative strategies.

The CEO of Ogilvy in Pakistan, Asim Naqvi has attributed the contract with Telenor to:

  • Agency’s creative aptitude
  • Experience in shaping successful brands in Pakistan
  • Insights into the brands
  • Strategic approach

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Contribution of Adcom Leo Burnett

Adcom Leo Burnett had been dealing with Telenor Pakistan for the past 13 years since 2004. One of its most prominent campaigns during this tenure was when they launched a campaign around Djuice – the first youth-based mobile plan.

Not too long ago, the company also launched a campaign around Telenor Easy Paisa service. The focal brand strategy behind this campaign has been that of establishing it as an initiative towards the financial inclusion and the mobile wallet.

Source: Campaign Asia-Pacific



  1. Sahrish Iftikhar

    11/07/2017 at 9:46 pm

    So you copy-pasted the article from Campaign, and gave no credit where it’s due? Check my link. No wonder no one takes Pakistan seriously.

    • Zubair Ahmed

      14/07/2017 at 3:43 pm

      Your article contained only 150 words while this one is over 300 words. The main essence of a particular news never gets changed. For instance: Pakistan wins Champions Trophy for the first time. If anyone else covers it before us or vice versa, the theme of the news will not get changed.

      As far as giving credits is concerned, I did mention the original source in the WordPress but for some reason it didn’t show up. I have done the needful now. Thank you!

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