Digital Living – A Decent Concept but Still Needs Work!

When it comes to getting procurement requirements fulfilled, one of the most time consuming and cumbersome tasks is tender management.  The traditional way of publishing requirements in newspapers and other print publications is fairly time consuming and labor intensive.  With the rest of the world, Pakistanis have also embraced the digital revolution. We are increasingly using the web and the latest communication technologies to make business as well as personal tasks more efficient.  Old ways of manually performing the business activities are being replaced by more efficient digital methods. And now, there’s a brand new online service to manage tenders and business opportunities called Tenderwala! is perhaps the most prominent Online Procurement Agency in Pakistan.  They facilitate businesses and services providers by acting as a middleman or agents and enable them to create digital tenders.

How Tenderwala Works

Let’s face it, searching for, issuing, reviewing and bidding on tenders is nobody’s idea of fun, but it can at least be made easier and more efficient.  This is exactly what does.  Businesses and vendors create their company profile online so that they can issue tenders and bid on tenders.  Registration is free for both businesses and vendors. And goes one step further and ranks the applicants based on their experience and past performance.

Tenders get categorized in following categories:

  • Expression of Interest
  • Prequalification Notice
  • Request for proposal
  • Sales / Auction Proposal
  • Tender Notices

These can be searched by Company, by Sector or by Location.  The two latest tenders are displayed on the homepage and the rest of the tenders can be viewed by selecting the specific category and sub categories.

The whole process can be performed online, where businesses can select vendors from a large database of qualified service providers by applying search filters based on their needs.  The vendors also benefit from this system as they don’t need to manually go through tons of publications; they can search from the available tenders in the system.  They also receive a notification whenever a tender is posted in their specific category.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced sales and transaction costs
  • Less or no paperwork and decreased administrative costs
  • Improved customer and vendor relationship
  • Reduction in procurement cycle time
  • Improved decision making by businesses as well as vendors
  • Improved market intelligence
  • Low barriers for entry in the market by new players
  • Quick and timely access to information

Areas for Improvements

Although the concept is awesome, there are areas where a serious review is needed:

  • The layout and design needs to be improved according to contemporary standards.
  • The content on the website needs to be edited and modified for maximum impact. Some critical information is missing such as: ABOUT, CONTACT US, MEMBERS AREA, LATEST NEWS.
  • You know what’s worse than not inviting someone over? Inviting someone over and then not letting them in the front door.  This is how it feels when you go to because of all the BROKEN LINKS!!!
  • There are very few categories; this listing needs to be much more exhaustive in order to be competitive with other such platforms.
  • Membership packages tariffs should be visible on the home page.

The competitive landscape for this niche is open at the moment as there are only a few platforms providing this service.  This gives a significant advantage in terms of the opportunity to reach a large audience and strengthen their position in the market as an early entrant.  However, in order to do so, they will need to pay attention to the areas of improvement mentioned above as well as come up with more useful features on the website so that this platform becomes the destination of choice for businesses and vendors.

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