The Dawn of E-Commerce in Pakistan

We have over the last few years or so, seen a new dawn of E-commerce in Pakistan. Even though conservatism is deeply entrenched in our roots, it seems that we finally understand the role of modern technology and how it is going to bring us at par with the rest of the world in terms of consumer standards. Last few years have seen mushroom growth of online stores and growth, it seems, will continue for the foreseeable future.

The Romance of Online Shopping

Online shopping remains an extremely convenient way to shop – of all the ways that are out there. A trusted store allows a user to just click, browse, and checkout. As traffic and temperature increases, not many want to go out on searing hot days to make their purchase. The alternate may not be exactly immediate, as online shopping has delivery delays but when you compare it with the hassles involved in going out and making the purchase yourself, it offers an extremely viable and useful alternate method.

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Good things in life aren’t that immediate, right? A little bit of wait doesn’t really hurt you unless the product you need is really urgent.

International Global Products

People growing up in the 90’s saw a Pakistan which had a great cricket team but also a country that seemed disconnected with the rest of the world. You’d watch shows that PTV or MTN relayed but you’d never see those things. Lucky were those who’d have an uncle abroad who’d get you some of those things that you’d see on TV. That however has changed now. Online stores in Pakistan offer imported goods and products and hobby items that earlier weren’t really possible.

The only thing that a store needs to really do is to deliver on their promise. Once the promise is delivered, the customers do come, and come in large numbers as well.

E-Commerce has changed the world and now it’s shaping a modern Pakistan. If you are interested in technology, there is plenty of scope for anyone including you to step in. The market may appear full but there are plenty of niches that still are available. PTA revealed 73.2% population has access to mobile phones and the Smartphone users are approximately 9 million. Our consumers are getting smarter, and mature. E-payments are becoming reliable and easier. As covered in an earlier report by PakWired, Now Is a Strong Case For Global E-commerce Gateways in Pakistan:

Analysts watching over evolving business trends in Pakistan have been indicating at the growing need for digitization of the economy, and more importantly, for government’s consideration to adopt global e-commerce gateways in Pakistan.

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According to some confirmed reports, the State Bank of Pakistan is going to develop a ‘state-of-the-art e-payment gateway’. During the presentation of the budget for the year 2017-18, it has been revealed that the gateway will cost the SBP an amount of Rs200 million.

Step in, this may not feel like, but it is still the dawn of E-Commerce in Pakistan.

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