The Not-So-Obvious 12 Features Of The New iPhone X

The new iPhone X is about to hit the market this week and Apple has tried its best to bring drastic changes in the gadget this time round. Although a few changes are minor but users will take some time to get used to the major ones. Apple has brought a handful of changes in the core iOS features. However, not all changes are obvious. Here is a list of the 12 features which might be subtle for regular users to notice in the beginning.

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No home button

Avid iPhone users have been too accustomed of the home button to bring their phone to life. With the absence of this button in the new iPhone X, the users will have to tap the display to bring it alive. Also, they can raise their phone or use the sleep/wake option.

Face ID is more sophisticated

The Face ID can be used in different ways in this phone in order to unlock the phone. Firstly, the user has to actively look at the phone for the Face ID to work; avoiding any other person to unlock the device when the actual user is sleeping or not paying attention.

However, the feature will not be active for the visually impaired and for the users wearing heavy sunglasses. The reason is that it can potentially prevent an infrared light of 940nm. Additionally, one also has the option to deactivate the feature through settings.

App switching is spontaneous

The new iPhone X allows the user to activate the app switcher by swiping from home screen but holding the finger down for a couple of seconds. Interestingly, user can directly go to another app by simply swiping left or right on the home bar. This makes the feature more efficient and way lot easier to use.

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Top icons are still accessible

On the bottom of the phone, there is an action bar placed horizontally. The users can swipe it up from the bottom. Apple has given the option to make top buttons more accessible by double tapping on the home screen. The entire interface can be placed at the bottom of the home screen.

Shortcuts for camera and flashlight

Apple has introduced two new icons termed as the shortcuts for the camera and the flashlight, on the bottom of the screen and in the notification segment. To quickly use these options, the user can press slightly hard to start using the camera or the flashlight. This gives an impression that one is actually pressing a real button.

Provides more privacy on sensitive notifications

Most of the users have faced a privacy issue when a message notification appears on the lock screen when sitting with a group of people. Although it did provide some convenience but made the user uncomfortable when private messages were shared. iPhone X automatically hides sensitive notifications and only shows them once the Face ID detects that actual user is looking at the screen.

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You can choose Face ID on selected apps

If the user does not want to use Face ID for every app, there is an option to activate Face ID on selected features through settings. It allows them to switch to regular password option for iTunes, App Store and lock screen.

The user’s presence is felt

The Face ID has provided some attention aware features as when the user is not looking at the phone, the screen display can adjust itself accordingly. It actually feels the user’s presence by adjusting the volume of message alerts in case the phone is being used.

Emergency mode

There is also an emergency mode that can easily be activated by pressing the sleep/wake button 5 times. This allows the user to disable the Face ID when crossing borders or in uncertain environments. Therefore, in case you face a bad situation, no one can force you to open your phone by requiring a password.

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Using Siri easily

Even when the phone is locked, Apple Pay is still accessible. One can press the sleep/wake button twice on the side of the device. Siri can also be used by pressing the sleep/wake button on the side of the phone.

Shutting down the phone through settings

For those thinking about how will the phone be switched off since one will open Siri by using the side button? Well, the user has to press the sleep/wake button and the volume down button for a couple of seconds to shut down the phone. Since it might not sound like a convenient option, so Apple has also given the option to shut down your phone through settings.

Screenshot also has a shortcut

Although the screenshot option is convenient in iPhone X but Apple has changed its buttons slightly. The user will have to squeeze their phone and press the sleep/wake button and the volume up button simultaneously. This might sound like quite some task in the beginning. Therefore, the users will have to get used to this new change.

So which feature of iPhone X you are looking forward to?

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