These 5 Ramadan Apps Will Help You In Reaping Rewards

Ramadan is currently being observed among the Muslim community all around the world. Even Non-Muslims respect this holy month and avoid eating meals (from dawn to dusk) in front of their Muslim friends purely out of respect. Since Ramadan is in full swing, following five Ramadan apps will help you in managing your schedule, keeping yourself up-to-date besides providing you benefits:

Healthy Ramadan

Healthy Ramadan is an app which aims at informing the individuals about what they should be consuming and in what quantity. The general trend among people who keep fast is that they munch plenty of oily snacks, drink tons of water and cold drinks which can disturb the digestive system of the individual. Therefore, Healthy Ramadan app will help assist you with nutritional diet. It will also guide you in choosing what you should be eating and what not. Besides, it also tells when and in what capacity you should be exercising.

Muslim Pro – Ramadan 2019

The basic objective of this application is to inform the users (location-wise) about accurate prayer times. This easy-to-use app with large icons will empower the users to choose between audio and visual notifications. Moreover, the app does also have this option of call to prayer especially at the time of breaking the fast. Fortunately, Muslim Pro is available for both Android and iOS users.

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Qibla compass

If you are a frequent traveler, Qibla compass is an application which should be in your device. During the month of Ramadan, this application becomes valuable as it contains date converter, Hijri calendar, prayers time and it detects Qibla as per the location. Furthermore, it has Quran stored in it besides an alarm which helps in notifying one to pray for five times. Qibla compass is available for both Android and iOS users.

Quran app

The main feature is this application is that it comprises of Madani compliant audio playback and images. In addition, it also lets the users bookmark, tag or share an Ayah. The app is user-friendly and is available on Play Store. It also empowers the users in highlighting any verse as it comes with 15 different audio recitations. Likewise, the app has translations in more than 20 different languages. AlQuran is an alternate app which provides same features and it’s for iOS users only.

Ramadan legacy

This app empowers user to access a 30-day interactive Ramadan planner. Through this app, users can share their Ramadan experience with other users across the world by posting their images in a live stream session. Additionally, Ramadan legacy also lets and helps the user in achieving their targets for the month.

So, which Ramadan apps are you going to download in your smartphone?

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