These 9 Chrome Extensions Are Ideal For Gmail

There are certain things which look good when they are combined. For instance: salt and pepper. Subsequently, the pairing of chrome extensions and Gmail will ultimately uplift the productivity of a Gmail user.

In this article, we have listed some of the 9 best chrome extensions for Gmail:


Essentially, it is a task manager which helps one in keeping on top of the email. As a result, it becomes one’s to-do app and the need to swap between tabs is not required. Consequently, it will derive some positive and faster outcomes.

Checker Plus

Individuals who are in sales and are having multiple email accounts will find Checker Plus as a blessing as it helps in managing all the accounts at once. As soon as this chrome extension is installed, you can start reading email besides getting notifications without even requiring to open Gmail.

Clearbit Connect

Clearbit connect is basically a data engine for all your customer interactions. It’s an expensive extension but they offer free extension too with limited features and it could be checked out. Moreover, it empowers the user to look for contextual email and social media information about one’s contacts within the inbox. Additionally, if you are looking to reach out for a particular individual within an organization, the tool will provide you precise details.


Individuals who are in PR, recruiting or sales field can actually take advantage from Discoverly as once it is installed, it merges Gmail with LinkedIn and Twitter. Therefore – rather than switching between tabs – you can get to see LinkedIn profile info and Twitter activity within your Gmail.

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Gmail Reverse Conversation

It’s an enormous time-saver for everyone who are involved in long Gmail thread with multiple contacts who are in touch with each over tons of messages. This chrome extension utilizes CSS to flip the conversation upside down so that one could see latest messages.


As the name suggests, Grammarly instantly checks grammatical and spelling errors in the emails. In addition, it also checks the tone of your email to make sure you stand every chance to get the befitting reply from the recipient.

Just Not Sorry

There are times when a weak language or tone is used which ultimately loses the impact of the message. Just Not Sorry is a chrome extension which will underline such words or phrases so that stronger tone or language can be used. Furthermore, it will also disclose how the message could be perceived from the recipient just in case if it needs more adjustments.

Right Inbox

One of the most powerful chrome extension in terms of productivity and time-saving. Right Inbox does wonders as it empowers users to schedule emails for later purpose, generates email templates, tracking email [who is reading your email, for how many times and who is ignoring your mails], email reminders so that you don’t lose track, recurring emails and much more. Fundamentally, Right Inbox helps in tracking the influence of your email activities.


Streak is another powerful extension which allows people from sales to track their outreach activities. Once installed, it will stay right inside your Gmail inbox as it comprises of robust CRM.

Too many chromes extensions can slow down your browser. Therefore, choose it wisely!

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