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This Is How You Can Clean Earwax Out Of AirPods

Have you ever tried cleaning your AirPods? If so, what methods were tried and did you do it the right way? Regardless of your answer, the procedure is simple and effective. Moreover, it is highly recommended to clean your AirPods time and again.

Follow these steps to clean your AirPods:

  • Always use a clean, softer and a lint-free cloth
  • Never use any liquids in the openings of the AirPods
  • Use cotton swab to clear the dirt out of speaker meshes
  • Remove all the earwax from the meshes by using a clean soft brush
  • Usage of sharp and edgy materials to clean AirPods is not recommended at all

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Recomendo’s way of cleaning AirPods

In Recomendo’s newsletter, the notion of clearing earwax from AirPods’ speaker meshes is explained in three different ways:

Good grips deep clean brush set

Priced at $6, it is recommended to use the smaller one of the two brushes. Additionally, use the silicon wiper to loosen the wax and once it gets softer, pull it out as much as possible.

Poster putty

An eraser which is too cheap as it costs $3. You can use it by pressing it into the opening and later you will be surprised with the amount of wax it will pull out. Do not press the poster putty too hard otherwise the wax will through the speaker mesh. Gentle pressing and things will get a lot easier.

Handheld illuminated magnifier

The magnifier will enable in making sure that your speaker mesh opening is thoroughly cleaned. It is priced at $7.

AirPods are not waterproof. Therefore, the responsibility is huge when it comes to saving your accessories from the water. It is advisable to put the AirPods back in its case after using so that the moisture doesn’t get the better of it.

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