This Japanese App Helps You Find Nearest Unoccupied Toilet

If you are aware of the struggle of finding an empty toilet cubicle, you’d know that the struggle is real! To address the plight of many who fight tooth and nail the battle to find an empty stall, a Japanese telecommunications provider has come up with an innovative approach that could save time and energy for us all.

A Japanese company KDDI Corporation is working on developing an app that will let users know where the nearby available toilet is, thereby, reducing the time spent searching for an empty toilet stall.

The telecom operator plans to install sensors on the doors of toilet stalls, which will communicate back to a main server as to whether the toilet is occupied or empty. App users can then utilize this information to connect hem to the closest available toilet.

The app also issues an alert, in case a cubicle remains occupied for long periods, to indicate of possible troubles. KDDI intends to start installing the sensor kits in Japan this month. In the initial phase, the company will launch the project in offices, before rolling it out to sporting venues, railway stations, shopping centers, and other hot-spot zones.

KDDI spokesperson Daisuki Mauro expressed that the app is all about efficiency and effectiveness. He said:

“People often waste time by looking around for an available toilet on various floors or by waiting until one becomes available. We believe this service will help people waste less time.”

Mauro further explained:

“Even though people sometimes complain that the numbers of toilets in a building are not enough, it is often hard for facility administrators to increase the numbers. We believe this solution will help solve the problem by streamlining how toilets are used.”

KDDI also plans to add a service component to the app that will flush as little water as possible in day-to-day toilet activity and usage, based on time spent in the cubicle. Moreover, Maruo claims that the initiative could help save around 40-50 percent of water used for cleaning and flushing purposes.

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