Top 10 Websites to Kickstart Your Freelancing Career

The Freelance culture has grown immensely popular over the past few years. There are a number of established freelance sites that help us work from anywhere, choose the amount of work we can handle, choose the time we want to work, and basically make us our own bosses.

Freelance sites come in handy for both freelancers and people or institutions willing to outsource. The emergence and growth of these sites has really impacted the way freelancers work. Now, if you are on the lookout for more opportunities that can help your career grow, or if you are in search of another means and ways of settling your bills, whatever your freelance skills are; you are in the right place.

In this blog, I have compiled a list of top 10 freelance sites. Haven’t found your niche yet? Or are you looking for more opportunities, read on…

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Upwork, formed after a merger of oDesk and Elance boasts as one of the largest market for projects. Whatever it is that you are good at; you will get projects related to it on Upwork. Upwork has both short and long-term projects all split between entry and expert levels. You also have the liberty to choose hourly payments or per project payment model.  Expert level pays the highest on this site but with consistent submissions, one can easily move up the ladder.

Upwork has over 10 million registered users, over 4 million clients and about 3 million annual job postings. This means that you are most likely to find something to suit your work, be it content writing, photography, web design, or transcription to name but a few. Upwork has easy to use features which include a time tracker and a chat provision. It also has a payment protection plan.


Unlike Upwork, Fiverr is a marketplace that operates a little bit differently. Here, freelancers post the services they can offer at a cost of $5. The clients then search for these services and order those that suit their requirements. Fiverr can make you good money as a freelancer even if you do not have much expertise in a given field. As long as you are willing, then you can have a sneak peek at the gigs posted by others, if you can do it as well, go ahead and make a gig! It might amaze you to find that people are willing to pay $5 for something very usual and simple.


Like Upwork, Freelancer is another marketplace with a fair share of freelancing jobs. Since its launch in the early 2000’s, Freelancer has grown into a huge outsourcing destination. Just like Upwork, freelancer also acquired vWorker and scriptlance, both former freelancing websites which had a notable influence on the freelance jobs.

Searching for a beginning point? Freelancer is ideal for you. It has an easy sign-up process that is easy to use whether you are a freelancer or a client willing to outsource.

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PeoplePerHour is a freelance site for freelancers that posts jobs for people with skills in web projects such as software developers, graphic designers, web designers, writing, video and audio production, and SEO specialists. Like Fiverr, PeoplePerHour has also adopted the concept of allowing freelancers to post what they can offer to potential clients on an hourly basis.


iWriter is one of the best freelance sites dedicated purely to freelance writers. If you are a content writer, a blogger, a SEO specialist, a creative writer or anyone who has anything to do with writing, then you must check out this site. Here, you will find thousands of writing offers at your disposal. Choose the articles you wish to work on and complete them within the set time.

Like many freelance sites, iWriter has different rankings depending on your ratings. They range from standard, premium, elite and elite plus. If you can attain high rankings, then you can work on higher paying articles.

LinkedIn (I know you didn’t expect that)

Like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is a social network; the only difference is that it is a social network for jobs. LinkedIn has millions of full-time and part-time jobs posted on a daily basis. Upon signing up, and completing your profile, (which is quite easy), LinkedIn will always send you notifications of any job postings that match your area of expertise. You are also at liberty to go through the positions advertised on a daily basis, and apply for the ones that fit you.

After its acquisition by Microsoft, LinkedIn’s potential is growing big with each coming day.
People are not only using it as a professional network but are making connections, writing on Pulse and also uploading videos for better pitches.


This is another site where freelancers can find jobs and projects. Their hiring process is simple meaning you can easily get a client. Being a growing marketplace, Guru has fewer freelancers compared to freelancer and Upwork. This means that the competition is much less raising the chances of getting a job. Guru has a workroom provision which makes it easy to manage all jobs.


Toptal is another freelance site that is great especially for software developers. They have a thorough screening process before allowing freelancers to work on projects on their site. If you are experienced and good at your work, then this is the site for you. The screening helps ensure that all assignments are of good quality which translates into a better pay. Toptal ranks among the best paying freelance sites.

Once they have successfully gone through screening, freelancers can work on short term or long term projects that match their skills.

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99 designs

If you are an expert in designs, say logos, graphics or website design then this is the site for you. 99designs operates more like a contest where clients give a brief description of the design they are looking for. Freelancers then make entries and the clients choose what works best for them.

99designs offers clients a wide range of designs to choose from. Do you specialize in graphic design? If yes, 99designs is a good checkout for you.


Hubstaff is another freelance site built on an innovative marketplace structure. How, you ask? Unlike many freelance sites, Hubstaff does not have a set fee structure. What does this mean? It means that it is entirely free for both clients and freelancers. This has seen this site command a huge freelancer membership that continues to grow rapidly.

So? Don’t wait! Let’s get started! ☺

There are many freelance sites out there; I just listed the top 10 players. Check out the freelance site that best suits you and what you can offer, sign up, complete your profile, place bids and you are good to go! Use all the available avenues and tap as many clients as possible. Take up assignments that you can handle properly and submit in good time and before you know it, you will be riding on freelancing as a stable career.

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  1. Ledge

    05/10/2017 at 10:54 pm

    Don’t forget The site caters to exclusively enterprise-grade talent, so it takes awhile to get vetted and working, but they pay the best rates in the industry.

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