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These Are Top 6 Chatbot Tools for Your Business

Remember when the internet became accessible for everyone and businesses started realizing how important their online presence was going to be? Apparently the online business world did not take a break from evolving even further, and this time it has come up with chatbots!

That’s right. Chatbots are the new black in the world of business. Many big brands such as Facebook and Telegram have already invested and launched their own bots to make things all the more interesting.

Even though the concept of chatbot marketing can seem overwhelming to a lot of people, using chatbots is actually beneficial and time-saving for many businesses.

Here are some of the best chatbot tools we’ve rounded up for you to pursue:

  1. Chattypeople:

This is the best app to build a chatbot that is also integrated with Facebook’s commerce. The best part is that you don’t need to know a word to create a chatbot with this application. You can create a standard chatbot with standard replies in just a few minutes’ time.

  1. Me Okay:

Me Okay is another great chatbot. It’s both suitable for skilled developers as well as an absolute layman. You can not only create a standard set of replies but can also create dialogues and scenarios for your chat with this handy little bot.

  1. Smooch:

Smooch is more of a chat bridge than it is a chatbot. The usage is simple; the app lets you access your messages on other platforms you might be using throughout the day, such as Slack messenger. Streaming your chats across a single platform like this can result in a much smoother way of communication, so be sure to not skip over this one just because it’s less fancy than the others!

  1. Beep Bop:

Beep Bop is a bit more technical and pricey than its predecessors in the list. However, it’s pretty useful in the sense that it lets you do all that the aforementioned apps do. It lets you connect your Facebook to github and then lets you stream your chats and set bots that reply to them in real time.

  1. Facebook Messenger Bots:

Facebook messenger recently introduced a series of chatbots that many pages have already cashed in on. Visit the Facebook messenger’s landing page and look at their process. Even though it might seem complicated, once you start, you’ll find the whole set of events rather interesting and you’ll discover that you’ve become a great chatbot creator in no time at all!

  1. Telegram Bots:

Even though many messenger apps had been providing a chatbot for different purposes before this, telegram has now stepped up and opened their bot building softwares for all parties. Now you can build an interactive bot through a few steps. However, we’d suggest knowing at least some coding because things can get tricky if you want to build the intricate bot of your dreams through the telegram app.

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