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TPL Launched Personal Trakking Device

Ali Jameel, CEO of TPL Holdings.

Today TPL Holdings announced the launch of a new location tracking product, the portable P1, a hand held device that track locations with applications for
– children, geo fence and learn when they have reached their destinations
– drivers, know if they are under your prescribed speed limit
– field teams, so their supervisors know when they are active and where they’ve been,

and other endless possibilities.

After the launch event of P1, I had a word with the CEO of TPL Holdings, Mr. Ali Jameel. Here’s the summary:

Pakistan has needed something like for over 20 years. You’ve been in this business for over six years. What took so long to get here and why now?
The demand was overwhelming and we’ve been working towards this for sometimes, with exhaustive tests and experiments on its functional range. I think when the Army Public School incident occurred, we really sped up development. If one of those kids had something like this, an alert could have been sent out and some could have survived. So here we are, and much of the thanks in part is to PTA for their tremendous support.

The current market leader in enterprise level mobile workforce management is oBeeble, favored by leading pharmaceuticals and energy businesses. What’s is your marketing and distribution strategy to compete with them in Pakistan?
Our partner in nationwide marketing is Bramerz on the consumer marketing side. Since we just launched, we’re in testing phase and keeping distribution tightened by exclusively selling with and TCS Connect. As time passes and we understand the customers usage of the product, we will expand this to offline channels. On the business marketing side, we have hired a dedicated corporate sales team tasked with engaging companies and customizing our product for their business needs, around safety and workforce management.

Can you elaborate on the corporate alliances supporting this launch?
We’ve been doing this for six years in Pakistan. At one point we went to leading insurance companies and offered to link up, so they could offer insured customers a lower rate if they were using a risk lowering services. When deals fell through, we made our own insurance company called TPL Insurance. Now you are rewarded to driving cautiously, the name of the game is incentives.

We’re also in talks with the government to include our technology in vehicles on a mandatory level, and fine those that over-speed beyond district based limits. With the P2, we’re also working with

What’s your policy on sharing the data collected with the government?
When someone is in a hostile scenario, our response & action center will record the interaction and pass on the data to law enforcement so they have the best intelligence. Beyond the safety of people, we have no reason to pass on data.

Any plans to evolve this into a location marketing device or service like xAd?
Not at the moment but if we do, we’ll take prior user consent.

You mentioned that the product can detect over speeding. Can it also detect swerving?
Not yet but we’ll work on it.

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  2. ysk

    28/08/2015 at 11:47 am

    Are you going to review this product also?

    • PakWired

      28/08/2015 at 7:20 pm

      We will review it after the public launch. Stay in touch!

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