Travly Launches Rickshaw Training for Female Drivers

Travly has launched a TukTuk Rani program that aims to cause social disruption & promote women empowerment. The program just got kicked off with 20 female learner drivers on board. All were either housewives or worked as maids or as parlor beauticians.

Travly has a 6-8 weeks program where they will be trained about traffic rules and learn how to drive a rickshaw. They are providing them with all the facilities here from their own budget, and the plan is to have more female drivers on board in the coming months. They will allowed to drive during daylight.

For this purpose qualified Tuk Tuk male drivers are asked to give sessions and workshops to the female students so that they learn the basics of driving.

Although there is no such sponsorship form PITB or any other organization, Plan9 is giving Travly space at its activity room to conduct weekly classes for this puspose there.

Currently, Travly has started a pilot program in DHA Lahore and plans to expand to other areas if the initiative is successful. The male drivers who used to earn Rs. 18,000 a month now earn up to Rs. 45,000 a month driving rickshaws under Travly. It is expected that female drivers will earn the same and it will a great source of revenue generation for them.

The female drivers have the option to choose female passengers only and if they can’t take a ride due to any problem, they can reject it and Travly will automatically pass it onto the next female driver.

They will also be paid a fixed monthly stipend of Rs. 15,000/month and even if for some reason they are not able to take rides earning up to this amount, Travly will pay the remaining amount from its own pocket. Because the focus here is on women empowerment, and Travly may get some government funding if this step proves to be doing something substantial for promoting female employment and thus helping the economy.

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