Twitter Finally Sees The Light… With An ‘Edit Button’

You might know the feeling: you get back from work, head spinning, open your twitter homepage and come face to face with the horrible realization that your tweets have offended the Grammar Nazis of the Twitterverse.

On Thursday, December 29, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey asked users to recommend ways to optimize the Twitter platform for 2017.

The responses varied from confronting online harassment, dealing with spam, unnecessary material, and improving the site’s visuals. However, the one suggestion that likely has even greater demand turned out to be: add an edit function.

Within minutes of Jack’s announcement, dozens of responses flooded in. However, the top ones, based on @Jack’s unscientific scan:

  • An edit option for tweets
  • A bookmark button for tweets
  • Standardized and enhanced safety and reporting options for bullies.

Fortunately, the response to users’ recommendations has been mostly positive. Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, acknowledged that the site needs an edit button.

The ‘edit feature’ was by far the most recommended option but others –  some of them were pointed out by Jack – including bookmarking tweets and adding standard safety options in order to eradicate bullying and violence from the site.

We’re thinking a lot about it,” he responded to an individual on Twitter who’d asked for an edit button. “Lots of people want the same,” he told another user.

“Is it more important to edit for spelling/corrections? 5 minute window to edit mistakes or do you need to be able to edit anytime?” Jack asked a few Twitter users who recommended the change.

In its ten years, the site has never offered an ‘edit option’, partly because the company was concerned that tweets might be edited after a considerable amount of time and after they’d already been published or generated at other locations on web. But giving users an option to edit their tweets for a short time after publishing seems like a good addition to help Twitter become even more productive.

image: tecnoblog

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