Understanding Broadband Purchases

It is impossible to live without an internet connection nowadays. Our work, documents, emails, social media, and banking all require digital connections and the 24-hour access has made us connectivity addicts. Once in a while, we have to worry about how we are connected, especially at home. In this article, we’ll take a look at some examples of the current offerings and why this can be so confusing.

As with anything, most people tend to stick with their favourite service unless something drastically cheaper comes along or they are unhappy with the service. Some will just put the idea off due to the lack of technical knowledge and/or the hassle of switching. Needless to say, doing a bit of shopping around can help you save money but that’s a story for another day. I had a look around some 4G broadband suppliers, details of which are below.

It would be too overwhelming to share all the details here, so I have chosen 4 at random. PCTL, Wateen, NayaTel, and Telenor. The aim was to look at the differing pricing points versus the amount of data being offered. Immediately what struck me was the varying prices with the cheapest being in the 1200 PKR per month and the most expensive being at a colossal 20,000 PKR per month. It gets even more confusing as each package has a different allowance and speeds which can be used at different times of days and more! I’m sure, many people have pulled their hair out at some point during their broadband-purchasing escapade.

Here are some screenshots of the available packages:





As you can see there are many terms which may not be fully understood. So here is a quick run-through:

mbps / MB — mega bits per second is the speed at which the data is downloaded or uploaded

allowance / volume — How much data you can use during the monthly period / cycle. 10GB would allow you to use 10 gigabytes of data in the given cycle.

Day/Night — some providers only allow usage at certain times of day so keep an eye out for this

Monthly rent — this is the total monthly cost

3G / 4G — in its simplest form, it is the speed of the internet. 4G is the latest and fastest internet speed

TV & Phone — these will normally cost extra and sometimes watching through your internet will decrease your allowance

How Do I Know What is Right For Me?

This is a difficult question to answer. Everyone has different use cases. A simple rule of thumb is, if you watch a lot of YouTube or Netflix, than you will need a higher allowance and obviously the more hours you clock up the higher it goes. The best thing to do is have a look at your usage every month and you will get a feel for your usage and then adjust accordingly.

Making Things Better

The companies should work on making things a little easier to understand with FAQs and other ways to help, like this article from the UK answers a specific question. It makes the problem interactive and handy for the future too. Other ways can be by introducing a glossary to help users understand the jargon.

Offering little helpers like the above, may aid in better sales but more importantly, customers will be able to make a well-informed choice as to the purchase they are making and ultimately turn a confused customer into a content one.

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