VimpelCom: Telecom Giant To Set Up 1st GSS Center in Pakistan

VimpelCom — A Netherlands -based international telecom and technology company recently announced the opening of Global Shared Services (GSS) in Islamabad. Islamabad is one of the three locations considered by VimpelCom to be a potentially strong site for the GSS program.

VimpelCom Ltd. is a global provider of telecommunication services based and headquartered in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is the sixth largest telecommunication network company in the world by number of potential subscribers with 214 million customers (latest data available) in 18 different countries. Telecommunication and mobile networking are VimpelCom’s primary strongholds.

VimpelCom wants to connect more cities on the world map, and Global Shared Services (GSS) is part of its plan to connect potential global locations with its own networking platform.  VimpelCom aims to minimize operational complexities and errors and improve its operating model through all engagements with regional telecom brands like Mobilink & Warid.

What is Global Shared services (GSS) and how it works?

Shared Services is a way of organizing administrative tasks to optimize the delivery of cost‐effective, transparent, flexible services to all user groups.

‘Shared services’ is structurally and functionally different from other services including the decentralized Shared services, Standardized shared services, and Centralized shared services.

The primary focus of traditional centralization services is limited to controlling products cost. However, on the other hand, Shared services, offers service excellence, high performance, cost control, and continuous improvement in the quality of products.

‘Shared services’ is primarily responsible for enhancing customer relationship with the brand. In addition to this, the service promotes continuous improvement, integrity and quality of the product. It works through multiple channels and specific contact centers staffed with customer service representatives.

Significance of Global Shared Services Center for Pakistan

As parts of its expansion plans VimpleCom is set to develop three new Global Shared Services Centers at different locations: in Islamabad, Pakistan; Yaroslavl, Russia; and one in Ukraine. GSS Islamabad will be the first of three Global Shared Services centers VimpleCom is planning to develop.

In order to standardize the operating procedures, the Global Services Pakistan will provide innovative services to the telecom companies operating under VimpelCom in countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Amsterdam. VimpelCom has said it will hire more than 400 people in Pakistan over the next several months, an excellent employment opportunity for the abundant manpower available locally.

The company declared in a recent announcement that these places have been chosen due to their distinct geographic locations. They will help accommodate different time zones across the company’s various geographic divisions.

“We are globalizing our operations to leverage the strengths of the Group and to improve our efficiency. With the establishment of Global Shared Services, our operating companies will be able to focus on their core operations, creating the right platform to develop innovative, high quality services that will improve our customers’ lives.”
– Andrew Davies, CFO at VimpelCom

Speaking about the recent initiative of VimpelCom Inc., Aamir Ibrahim, CEO Mobilink & Warid, maintained:

“This is a proud moment for us that Islamabad was chosen to be one of the three global destinations, where the GSS facility was to be built to not only provide back office support to Jazz, but also to VimpelCom’s business unit in Bangladesh and its head office in Amsterdam.”

VimpelCom will open another Global Shared Services Center in Ukraine. The center will provide services to the company’s lineup in Ukraine and other eastern European countries. And it aims at employing up to 900 people with expertise in telecom and IT sectors.

It already operates a service center located in Yaroslavl, Russia, however, the center has yet to be incorporated into the Global Shared Services organization.

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