How virtual employment is going to help you shape up your business in 2015

How virtual employment is going to help you shape up your business in 2015How virtual employment is going to help you shape up your business in 2015

New trends are set every year that transforms working dynamics in the business world. Telecommuting or virtual employee or simply work from home is a trend that is set to go mainstream in 2015. In the beginning, it was ideal for small businesses and startups who couldn’t promise a steady paycheck, but now it has altered the way people work. Many people are disposed towards this choice especially in the IT sector.

In a traditional workspace, the importance of  virtual employment is yet not understood. It is even considered as mismatch for company’s existing culture. In reality, organizations in many developed countries, including the likes of the USA, Australia and UK are opting for this workforce as they believe that hiring the right talent for the post will only add to the productivity. One great example is WordPress. A Fortune 500 website that has employees scattered across 28 countries worldwide. They trust in promoting remote work culture which has afforded them an edge in winning the talent war and taking the best gift from far flung areas that contributes to their success.

According to the annual list released by Flex Jobs, the likes of Amazon, Intuit and 3M are offering job vacancies to virtual employees. The style is well visible when we catch up with a number of freelancing sites and their development over the years. Major brands such as Unilever, Walt Disney and Panasonic Co. have used these platforms for recruitment. According to a new report by staffing industry analyst, it is estimated that spending on online staffing could reach as high as $46 billion by 2020.

There are a number of reasons for the rise online staffing. Flexible working hours, remote venues, less stress, engaged employees and most importantly allowing companies to cut their price. On the other hand, virtual hiring also poses a great challenge for the manager to lead this team effectively. Understanding employees empower people to choose effective behaviors, hence leading to effective leadership.

With the growing demand for virtual employees, shared working spaces have sprung up in demand. One such example is Regus. It has 2000 centers in 100 countries worldwide and is the largest provider of third space work solutions.

As the global dynamics are shifting quickly, so are challenges brought out in order to boom in a competitive working environment. With the growing requirements to acquire the best talent, the business world is viewing the benefits of virtual employment important to fulfill its targets.

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