WECREATE | Pakistan Offers Co-Working Space & Much More

WECREATE Pakistan Offers Co-Working Space and Much MoreWECREATE Pakistan Offers Co-Working Space and Much More

Co-working spaces aren’t a new concept in Pakistan. In fact, we did a run-down of the co-working options available in major cities just last year. Islamabad, however, with just one co-working option (and that too, not exactly in a central area) needed another option, especially for women, and WECREATE | Pakistan is just that (and much more).


Committed to supporting the growth of women entrepreneurs and small businesses in Pakistan, WECREATE is more than just a co-working space. They provide innovative and non-traditional solutions to growing entrepreneurs, with a special focus on female entrepreneurs. As a female entrepreneur, you can take advantage of their centrally located co-working space, attend events, hold workshops or book meeting space at a day’s notice.

The first in a line of WECREATE centers to be opened across the world, the Pakistan WECREATE center is a pioneering initiative. They are shortly opening up another center in Zambia, followed by one in Cambodia.

WECREATE Co-Working Facilities

With Nayatel Internet, and back-up power, WECREATE allows you to work undisturbed throughout the day. Book a meeting room a day in advance if you want to meet a client for a meeting or presentation. They also offer tea/coffee, workshop areas, and are conveniently located in F-11 Markaz above Gloria Jean’s Coffee.

What Else Besides Co-Working?

WECREATE | Pakistan

Yes, there is a dearth of good co-working options, but WECREATE is so much more then that!

Affiliated with the StartUp Cup, they run a number of initiatives primarily focused towards increasing female-led entrepreneurship initiatives in the country. These include:

1. StartUp Academy

A 15-week startup program that is designed to help women entrepreneurs accelerate their startup process.

2. Business Solution Series

A monthly calendar of events that provides entrepreneurs the knowledge, tools and connectivity they need to help support their business.

3. Build-A-Business Workshops

These mentor-driven workshops teach entrepreneurs business model design, and help them identify solutions to accelerate their revenue growth.

4. Pitch-O-Rama

This program allows early stage companies to showcase their business model and get feedback from experts. Winners receive cash prizes.

5. WECREATE Challenge

Female entrepreneurs compete in this challenge, while turning their idea into a viable business, and learning all about building a team, altering their business model, learning about customer behavior as well as generating revenue.

6. Specialized Training

The workshop area in WECREATE is used to provide specialized and tailored training sessions that meet the specific needs of growing businesses.

Companies can also book WECREATE as a venue for trainings, screenings, exhibitions, workshops, talks and seminars. Events after 6pm can also have male attendees.

WECREATE | Pakistan also provides the following services:

Mentor and Coaching Network

Their network is specially certified and vetted to support the specific needs of women business owners and entrepreneurs.

Business Building Programs

Their portfolio of entrepreneurial programs are proven to help new startups grow and propel existing businesses towards success.

Incubator Space

Their physical location is designed specifically with women entrepreneurs in mind and includes daycare, women only spaces and connections to tools and resources to grow a business.

Networking & Events

Their monthly calendar of events is designed specifically to provide female entrepreneurs the knowledge and connections that are critical for businesses to succeed.

Visual Thinking Tools

Their self-guided visual thinking tools, VizToolz are designed specifically to accelerate the process of designing, testing and building any business.

Day Care

Their team understands that women starting business need balance work & life, so they provide a safe place to care for their children as well.

How Do You Sign-up?

As WECREATE is a female entrepreneurship center, their only requirement is that startups using the facilities comprise primarily of females. Therefore, a startup team with four members should have three females.

You can use the WECREATE facilities based on daily, weekly or monthly rates. Charges cover use of all the facilities, including tea/coffee, meeting room, printer and daycare. Weekly and monthly members can also use the meeting room, as long as it is booked one day in advance, while daily users will need to pay for it separately. They also have a referral program whereby you can refer other startups to sign-up to use the WECREATE facilities and get discounted rates for yourself.

Walk in, fill out the application, and start using the facilities. WECREATE is open 9:30 am – 6 pm, 5 days a week. For more information about the cost, contact WECREATE.

Contact WECREATE | Pakistan




Phone: (051) 8737115

Address: Office # 1-5, Second Floor, Select 1 Plaza, F-11 Markaz, Islamabad. (Above Gloria Jean’s Coffee)

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