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Do you remember how Qmobile copied Apple, injected a local feel to the copy, shoved in some desi stars and became the highest selling mobile phone brand in Pakistan? Enter Placeme.Pk! Placeme.Pk has taken the revolutionary Airbnb concept and adapted it to the Pakistani market.

With recent advances in Web 2.0 and soon-to-come Web 3.0, there is an ever-growing need and demand among Pakistanis for online solutions that make their lives easier and solve their everyday problems. One such problem is how to find safe, convenient and affordable accommodations when traveling for a night or two. In order to solve this problem, we have Placeme.Pk!

How Placeme.Pk works is poised to change the way Pakistanis travel and book their accommodations. The service enables Pakistanis throughout the country to book high quality, affordable lodgings with the ease of a simple click, email, or telephone call.

At present, is more focused on students who have ventured out of their cities to study, but there are no restrictions on other people using their service.

The Dynamic Duo Behind Placeme.Pk

This tech startup is helmed by two young entrepreneurs: Abdul Muqsit and Babar Khan Akhunzada. Mr. Muqsit is a winner of the mBillionth 2014 Award for his Online Pashto Dictionary, whereas Mr. Babar is a 17 year old ethical hacker/security researcher who has also represented Pakistan in Startup Istanbul, in 2015.

So How Does it Work?

The sleek, simple-to-use website and free app lets you easily choose from a vast selection of hostels, single rooms, or even just bed spaces all across Pakistan. Whether you need a chic hostel in Karachi, or a quirky, eco-friendly hostel in Abbottabad, you’ll find it at Placeme.Pk! Quite simply, Placeme.Pk makes hostel, hotel and private property bookings easier and cheaper than ever before.

Placeme.Pk is truly a unique service because it not only allows you to easily find an accommodation just right for you, but also people to share the room with, making your stay a little more fun and much more cost-effective! And the best thing about the service is that it’s free! Yes, free, for both the host and the person seeking accommodation.

Other features include Google Maps, a convenient search option with cluster search, comprehensive info on accommodations with related pics and a mobile app; basically all the standard features you would expect in a location based tech startup today.

The Design

From the design aspect, the logo is very unique, the tagline is distinguished and the website has a very fresh, clean look. We liked the play of green in the interface, but what we didn’t really get was why the website includes pictures of white folks when they’re catering to local Pakistanis? They put in so much effort to make a video with a local guy in it, why couldn’t they just get a few more pics with real Pakistani people?!

The BIG Question – Is it any Good?

Although it’s too early to comment on whether or not Placeme.Pk will really hit it off with Pakistanis, we must say that the idea the potential to fly. One hurdle to Placeme.Pk’s success is the obvious security aspect; can the person renting out his/her place or the tenant be trusted? (Anyone remember ‘Psycho’?!)

Other than that we don’t think there is really any major problem that could be unsurmountable for Placeme.Pk.

Time will tell if this concept takes off in Pakistan but we are really rooting for!

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