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With Clique Comes The Power to Control Everything

Clique is a technology company committed to changing the lifestyles of people for the better. Clique aims to develop IoT-driven innovations to actualize a real technologically aided harmonious way of life. Before we are introduced to Clique’s vision and objective, lets first look at a concept that not only has the potential to impact how we live, but also how we work. An opportunity that insists on the efficiency and overall productivity of things, a recent phenomenon that has given the world a fresh perspective on the future implications of network connected devices without human interference.

Surely it would be great to have a device that can track if a water pipe has burst in your basement or to be notified if there is a movement inside your home while you are away, or say a refrigerator that orders your grocery from the market as soon as it senses the shortage of your favorite food items, or an alarm clock that wakes you up and then notifies your coffee maker to start making the coffee for you. All these and similar innovations provide just a glimpse into what is possible when you combine the sensors, actuators, and networked intelligence used by this ever increasingly useful phenomenon, the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT).

Clique uses this very phenomenon as the basis for its innovations. It has undertaken a responsibility to promote and enable a better lifestyle for the people at large. Each Clique member is dedicatedly set on establishing a connected smart home which is absolutely affordable, secure, convenient, maintainable and beautiful. Clique aspires to generate home automation products that provide convenience and save you time and effort performing household tasks. When you properly manage your energy, you can reduce your energy consumption, which may help you save money. Most importantly, it lets you customize your home to fit your family’s unique needs and lifestyle.


The very first product by Clique is the SmartBoard that lets you control your electrical devices at home with a single tap on your smartphone. It lets you turn your smartphone into the center of the universe while at the same time, saves you money and time. No more running around the house switching off lights and fans in the hopes of lowering electricity bills. As for the elderly and disabled residents, it supports the independent way of life. For people who have a lot on their plates, being able to easily check these items off the to-do list and to stop the obsessive worrying, SmartBoard is an effective option for a productive life.

Home automation is reassuring and the products by Clique are definitely worth the investment. Its more than just a facility and luxury-it’s a real time energy saver and a key to upgrading your lifestyle!

The SmartBoard has already been tested in real homes and the feedback received so far from the customer is very promising. Once installed the users can; control their devices with their mobile phone, schedule devices to turn ON/OFF automatically, dim lights or fans, see the analytics of their electricity consumption and so much more. The SmartBoard itself is designed and crafted very beautifully. Each button is backlit and is visible at night. So, no more banging your toes in the dark when trying to find the switchboard. There is also a logo on the board itself that changes color based on its connection with the internet. The logo gives SmartBoard the Apple-design like touch.

When asked what is next; Ozaal Zesha, the CEO and Founder of Clique, said,

“We know we have a product that will revolutionize how we live in our homes. It becomes the center of your digital lifestyle very quickly once you install it in your home. So the next step for us is to launch the product in other major cities of Pakistan too. I’ve seen happy faces of my customers once they experienced the Internet-of-Things, now I want to expand it to a much bigger scale. We are now trying to find partners for the first ‘Smart Residential Colony’ of Pakistan.”

Clique is indeed the new ‘it’ thing. You definitely want to give it a try to know what they are talking about.

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