With UrduScript, You Can Now Learn JavaScript in Roman Urdu

Learning to code has become kind of necessary and students all around the world are being taught how to code. However, there is no doubt that programming is actually hard and some people might just give up before even learning the basics. Moreover, language is also another barrier that students have to face while learning to code. Nevertheless, a Pakistani entrepreneur has decided to be the hero and is currently working on introducing an Urdu-based version of JavaScript, called the UrduScript.

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The brains behind the idea

Co-founder of RemoteInterview, Asad Memon is the person behind this great idea. He is also the person behind which is a Pakistani version of CrunchBase. Aside from being a programmer, Asad Memon is contributing to the society by hosting educational sessions based on everything related to programming.

Known as the UrduScript, Asad Memon is developing an Urdu version of JavaScript, which is the most used programming language today.

According to Asad, the UrduScript is an Urdish (English + Urdu) dialect of the JavaScript. He used this dialect of Urdu because it is the most common dialect used in Pakistan. With the use of Urdu language in programming, more and more people will come towards programming as this will make programming fun and easy to learn.  He said:

“I developed it with a goal to make programming more accessible to beginners from South Asia. UrduScript uses Urdu words and analogies to convey programming concepts. Subsequently, making it easy to get started without remembering hard commands and keywords”

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A programme for the beginners

Analogies are a common part of programming language as they make it easier for the person to understand what specifically a certain command does. In fact, the whole concept of object oriented programming lies on the basic analogies used for a certain object with different properties and classifications.

With UrduScript, these analogies are used in simple Urdu language. You can declare a variable by simply typing ‘rakho’. The basic statements are converted to ‘agar’ and ‘warna’ which are pretty common and simple Urdu words.

However, certain questions have been raised if this is actually enough or not? A number of people asked that why Asad did not use the actual Persian script of Urdu or pure Urdu instead of this one? Asad gave the following four reasons as an answer to those people:

  • Persian-like alphabets are not native to our keyboard
  • The default non-nastaliq font is hard to read
  • Right-to-left coding style is horrible
  • Newer generation is adapting Urdish rapidly

He also added:

“If you are an experienced programmer, you might find this stupid. Per ye apke liye nahin ha”

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Contribute to the cause

Even after all this, Asad can’t do all of this work by himself and he needs people to contribute to the cause in one way or the other. Even if you aren’t a programmer, you can still contribute to this revolutionary idea.

For further details about UrduScript, head over to Asad’s blog here or go the project’s GitHub page here.

Source: ProPakistani

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