Pakistan’s First Online Landa Bazar;

Bazaars like ‘itwar bazar’, ‘jumma bazar’ and landa bazar are the places where you can find almost all types of used branded products and those too, with a very cheap price. Bazaars like these are present in different cities all across Pakistan. Even though these bazaars are widespread and in reach of almost everybody, many people miss out on them due to a variety of reasons.

With the availability of 3G and 4G technologies, a new idea of bringing the landa bazaar to the online world has come forward. Recently, an online landa bazaar named has been launched by Muhammad Usman Saleem and Fareedun.

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Product condition and quality

The website uses a 10 star rating system to classify the products based on their condition and their quality. Users can view photos of products along with their listings. Products are being added to the online store continuously. However, the store is currently dealing with branded shirts and shoes only.

Price range
The price of the products starts at as low as Rs350 for shirts and Rs500 for shoes. There are items available for everyone including kids, women, and men, all at affordable prices.

The idea

The idea of launching an online landa bazar came to the founders when they grew tired of their own jobs. Both founders of the online bazar are Chartered Accountants who wanted to start their own business.

Having a home close to a Sunday Bazar and looking at all the development in the e-commerce sector gave them the idea of starting their own online shop of used products.

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On the very first day, the store received 7 orders and the number has been growing ever since. Within the next few months, number of orders increased up to 50.

The business has now become 18 months old and even though they are providing free shipment, the business is still profitable.

On the other hand, the founders of the company have also presented their ideas to Silicon Valley startup incubator and have been successfully selected for incubation. Within the next six months, the team will be called to the US for further procedures.

Previously, their idea was supported by IBA’s incubator which gave them office space and gave them the opportunity to use interns from the university.

To this date, sales of have reached to Rs20 million. While talking to BBC Urdu, Usman told that they started with just selling shoes from Nike, Reebok, and Adidas and as the store gained momentum, they started to add shirts too. He also told that they will add household items and toys to the website in the coming days.

The founders of the website, Fareedun and Usman told that there is a vast area for further growth of the company and they are currently looking for investors to help them improve their online bazar even further.

Grabbing cheap items from wherever possible has been a kind of trend in Pakistan and most people might not agree to that. However, with the availability of an online landa bazar providing facilities to deliver items to your doorstep, it is expected that more people will engage in such shopping rather than stepping out of their houses.

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