World Economic Forum: Rehman Steps Up To Introduce The World To a Digital Pakistan

Minister of State for IT and Telecommunication, Ms. Anusha Rehman has left for Davos, Switzerland to appear in the 47th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum (WEF). While representing Pakistan, she will be boasting about Digital Pakistan and several other topics. The forum will take place from 17th (Tuesday) to 20th January (Friday) in Davos, Switzerland.

The Managing Board of the World Economic Forum has formally invited the MoITT, Ms. Anusha Rehman to take part in the annual meeting 2017. The primary objective of inviting the MoITT from Pakistan is that the minster will be speaking on various topics at the forum. Moreover, she will be articulating her own views on the budding technologies which shape the world community at large.

It is worth mentioning that the IT Minister from Pakistan is invited to attend the forum for the first time ever with such engrossed engagements.

World Economic Forum Annual Meeting

In light of the shifting global power balance, the theme of this year’s conference at Davos is “Responsive and responsible leadership”. The annual meeting in Davos is the leading global congregation where leaders of the highest level from all around the world come together at a single platform. The cream of the crop varies as they are from dissimilar fields like academia, business, civil society, government and media. The meeting takes place every year right in the beginning. Additionally, the itinerary of the gathering is to share the global, industrial and regional agendas. This year the event is focused upon figuring out ways in which leaders can be responsive to the genuine frustration of people left behind by globalized market capitalism, in a responsible way that offers workable, fair and sustainable solutions.

The recent success of MoITT and its perpetual focus to empower conversion of the country into a Digital Pakistan is the sole reason a minister from Pakistan is invited at the annual meeting. Subsequently, World Economic Forum has also shaped a tailored agenda for Anusha Rehman’s participation in this year’s event at Davos.

The Minister of IT will deliver speech in different sessions. The topics will include digital economy, new developments, in technology, innovative policy-making and the promotion of entrepreneurship in Pakistan.

Roster of Ms. Anusha Rehman

Digital Economy path is chosen at the World Economic Forum to showcase the part of ICTs in creating the world’s economic development. Anusha Rehman will be the significant presenter at the session of ‘Digital Economy and Society’. Moreover, she will also be the discussion leader at ‘A Magna Carta for the Internet’. She will also play the role of Firestarter at another program on ‘Innovations to Connect the Unconnected’. During the annual meeting, the Minister will also feature in the UN Broadband Commission’s event as its member.

Furthermore, the minister will also conduct bilateral meetings with global tech leaders and with the top-tier management of multilateral agencies.

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