You Can Now Purchase Ufone Super Card From Your Phone

The hassle of going to the market to get hold of Ufone Super Card has finally come to an end. The telecom operator has launched a new service through which you can make a purchase of Ufone Super Card from your phone via using an app named ‘My Ufone.’

Ever since it was introduced, Ufone Super Card has been a massive success. The card is available in two variants i.e. for 15 days ‘Sakoon Pandra Din Ka’ and for a month ‘Sakoon Mahinay Bhar Ka’. However, the recent move from Ufone to augment its card price from 499 to 520 is not adored by the users. Nonetheless, it is still not keeping them away from purchasing the card as it fulfills their needs.

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Advantages of Ufone Super Card through an app

My Ufone app will make life much easier for everyone who are frequent users of Ufone Super Card. There are times when it generally gets quite late for a user to go to the market or he does not have means to go to grab the card especially when the expiry of the card is near. This is where this app will prove to be handy.

In addition, there are some other benefits which includes:

  • Time saving
  • No botheration of going to the market
  • Securing the Super Card within a few clicks/taps
  • All the variants can be purchased
  • Account can be recharged anytime and from anywhere in Pakistan

Apparently, this feature will provide much needed relief to the users. Moreover, it might also entice users from other network to switch to Ufone.

My Ufone app is available on both Google Play Store and App Store.

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