5 Tips for Hiring a Freelancer for the First Time

The business landscape is evolving rapidly. Of course, the COVID-19 outbreak has facilitated many of these changes. Still, even before the coronavirus, many businesses were turning to freelancers for additional support. Now, many companies may have no choice but to partner with freelancers to complete important tasks.

Given all that, let’s look at five helpful tips that business leaders can use to hire a great freelancer and ensure positive outcomes for their company. Check them out here:

Start Small

In general, business leaders should assign their most important projects to trusted, full-time employees. This is a fairly obvious managerial best practice. Rather than entrusting a make-or-break assignment to an unproven freelancer, give them a smaller, less vital task to begin with.

After, if they prove themselves capable of doing quality work, then you can gradually begin to increase their responsibilities.

Look for Experience

Few freelancers have been freelancers their entire lives. Rather, these are professionals with diverse skill sets and backgrounds. Therefore, it’s crucial for business leaders to seek out freelancers who have specialized knowledge that relates to their industry.

So, if you need someone to write a blog about a new type of pharmacy POS, for instance, then do your best to locate a professional with experience in the healthcare industry.

Call on Your Contacts

Successful business leaders have lots of contacts and associates –– both inside and outside of their organization. If you’re looking for a freelancer, especially if you need to hire someone very quickly, then don’t hesitate to reach out to friends/colleagues in your field. It’s likely they’ll be able to give you some solid recommendations.

You can even ask freelancers you’ve worked with before – because the best of them are experts at automating and outsourcing, too.

Set a Budget in Advance

Do you know the hourly rate of the “average” freelance web developer? Or how much a freelance SEO consultant charges for their services? Or the cost of a freelance-written e-book?

Business leaders need to familiarize themselves with the freelance market to determine what they can afford to pay, and how often they can call on freelancers. Don’t start hiring freelancers without understanding how much available budget you have and how much freelancers expect to be paid. Otherwise, you could find yourself in a financial bind.

Communicate Effectively

In order for a freelancer to be successful, they need to have support from business leaders. Indeed, freelancers may not understand all the ins and outs of your business or industry. So take some time out to communicate deadlines, expectations, and vital information with your best freelance prospects.

Taking the extra step to educate freelancers now will allow you to work with them with greater efficiency and confidence down the line.

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