8 Great Social Media Management Tools to Try in 2015

8 awesome Social Media Management Tools to Try in 20158 awesome Social Media Management Tools to Try in 2015

If you found a program that could save you time and a headache on managing your business’s social media accounts, wouldn’t you jump on it? Great news! There are tons of social media management programs available, so there’s bound to be one that works perfectly for your team.

The not so great news? With so many options, it’s tough to decide which one is right for you.

We recently took a look at just seven of the top social media management apps. Today, we’re digging deeper into eight more social media management tools (listed in no particular order).

1. SocialClout


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If you’re seeking a program that can help you analyze your social presence and pinpoint where you can improve, SocialClout has you covered. Features include:

  • Social media monitoring
  • Keyword research
  • Analytic reports
  • Engagement tools
  • Demographic reports
  • Campaign management
  • And much more!

Plans start for free with up to three social media accounts, or you can request a demo. Starter plans cost $49/month, and Value plans will run you $99/month. If you’d like to manage more than 10 social media accounts, feel free to contact SocialClout for a quote.

2. Edgar


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If you haven’t heard about Edgar in previous years, that’s because it’s still somewhat of a baby. Invitation-only signups went out mid-2014, but the program shows a lot of promise thanks to being backed by Roeder Studios and run by the same Laura Roeder who runs the LKR Social Media firm.

What makes Edgar so unique? Edgar saves all your updates in a library. That way, you don’t have to spend oodles of time developing a brand-spankin’ new social media post for each one you want to schedule. Over time, Edgar categorizes your updates based on the type of post and which social media channels you want to share that post with. You’ll be able to design a social media posting schedule, and then Edgar will post what you want when you want it so that you never run out of updates. But what if you want to schedule a one-time post? Edgar can help you with that, too!

This nifty tool starts at $49/month. Visit to request your invitation.

3. Sprinklr


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Sprinklr has been in the social media arena for a few years, but only in 2015 did it make it onto G2 Crowd’s social media Grid. Sprinklr boasts being the “most complete social software platform in the world.” Supporting 70 languages, 16 social channels, and 19 enterprise modules, they may have just earned that title. Sprinklr helps you take care of:

  • Marketing
  • Customer care
  • Sales
  • Recruiting
  • Public relations
  • Campaign management
  • Content publishing
  • And so much more.

On the social end of things, Sprinklr deals with social engagement, CRM, and social listening. Interested clients can start by requesting a demo.

4. Shoutlet


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Shoutlet is a niche tool that caters to enterprise social media marketing. With it, businesses can publish content, engage with their communities, gather insights, and more. Shoutlet’s Posting & Calendar module allows you to collaborate with your social publishing teams. You can also run contests, integrate your social media data, and even govern social access across your enterprise, making this a fantastic tool for businesses that need to manage a lot of social content across large teams. Shoutlet allows enterprises to request a demo.

5. Mention


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Mention is all about monitoring online content and acting upon it. They advertise, “Never Miss a Thing Online.” Mention is built to make sifting through online content easy while making sharing content, collaborating with your team, and analyzing your social data simple. With this tool, you can:

  • Monitor content in 42 languages in real-time
  • Analyze and share social statistic reports
  • Connect to Twitter, Facebook, and Buffer
  • Share alerts and assign tasks to team members

Mention is available on all major platforms, including Apple, Android, Chrome, Linux, and Windows. Start by requesting a 14-day free trial, and then upgrade to a Starter, Growth, Company, or Enterprise solution. Plans range from $29-$299+ per month.

6. AgoraPulse


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AgoraPulse, along with the last two items on this list, was one of G2 Crowd’s High Performers on their spring 2015 social media management tools ranking list. In 2014, it ranked on G2 Crowd’s list as the second in customer satisfaction after HootSuite. This tool is great for businesses that primarily work with Facebook and Twitter. Features include:

  • Analytic reports
  • Facebook applications
  • CRM software
  • and more

With AgoraPulse, you can run contests, compare your business to competitors, and measure your data. What makes AgoraPulse unique is its inbox layout, which brings social media alerts to you in inbox style so that you never miss interactions from any of your profiles. Plans start at $29/month and run up to $99/month, but you can start with a 15-day free trial.

7. Sendible


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Sendible helps you stay in touch with customers and monitor your results of all social media channels from one convenient location. With lead generation tools and social CRM, you can also use Sendible to grow your business. Built to save you time, Sendible allows you to:

  • Publish on multiple social networks
  • Monitor your reputation
  • Schedule future posts
  • Manage multiple clients
  • Measure the success of each post

Start using Sendible with a 30-day free trial, and then upgrade your account to Startup, Business, Corporate, or Premium plans. Services range from $59-$499 per month.

8. ViralHeat


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ViralHeat takes the heat off of your social media marketing tasks. Complete with content marketing and social media management tools, this is a one-stop tool that can help you with all your inbound marketing efforts. As the company puts it, ViralHeat includes “social monitoring, analytics, & content marketing in a single intuitive interface.” Like the sound of ViralHeat’s services? Start by requesting a demo.

With so many social networks to keep up with, interacting with all your followers can be tough. With programs like the ones mentioned, managing your social strategy just became a lot easier. Do you use a social media management tool? Tell us in the comment section which one is your favorite and why.


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