Acumen Is Recruiting 20 Pakistani Nationals For Its Regional Fellowship Program

In a latest development, Acumen is looking for 20 Pakistani leaders to participate in its event, Regional Fellowship Program. The nationals must be leaders in some sort of social services and should already be making efforts for the betterment of the society.

What is Acumen?

Acumen is essentially a non-profit organization. It is an organization which works through funds and promotes entrepreneurial techniques to fight poverty across the world. With its main headquarter in New York, the organization has dozens of regional offices spread all around the world in countries like Pakistan, India, Kenya, etc.

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Every year the organization holds the Fellowship Program to recruit individuals who are interested and willing to eliminate poverty from their regions. Individuals who are already running any kind of social startup can apply for the program. Although the concept of such social ventures is new in Pakistan, a number of startups have already started functioning and are currently paving the way for other entrepreneurs and social workers to work for the social development of the country. There are some former companions of Acumen who are currently working on such ventures. Some of them are, Social Innovation Lab’s Maryam Mohyuddin, Markhor’s Waqas Ali, and Sehat Kahani’s Sara Khurram.

With the same goal of eradicating poverty from the world, Acumen is looking for individuals from different backgrounds and cultures. These people can be policy makers, entrepreneurs, innovators but one thing that should be common between them is their dedication to accomplish the desired goal.

There is no age limit to apply for the program. Acumen is looking for individuals who possess “strong personal integrity, unrelenting perseverance and moral imagination”. After the selection, these individuals will be given complete one year training developing their leadership and development skills with a rather larger community of Acumen workers. All of this will be provided to them while they carry on with their full-time jobs.

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Application process

The last date to apply for the program is 1st September 2017. You can apply for the program here.

After applying, you will go through the selection process. Initially, there will be a test in which questions will be asked about your background, resume, and some other questions. The process is a rather competitive and tough one as the organization recruits the individuals after a thorough process. Once test is taken, telephonic interviews are conducted for selected applicants. After that, there is an in-person selection conference for the final selection of applicants. The final selection will be held in Karachi on 11th November 2017.

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