Following Samsung, Apple Announces A Folding New Smartphone

Despite Apple’s recent buzz about the iPhone X in the market, it seems Samsung has stolen the thunder once again by confirming to launch a radical new Galaxy X smartphone. Apple, realizing the limelight moving away from its iPhone X launch, has come up with another revelation about its future plan.

It all began when Samsung’s president, Koh Dong-jin announced a release date for a folding touchscreen smartphone in 2018. The release date seems close as the company made a solid commitment to its users and talked about its Bluetooth and radio certification as well.

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Interestingly, Apple came up with a defensive strategy by explicitly discussing its upcoming innovations. Firstly, Apple revealed to Korean press about its partnership with LG to work on an iPhone with a foldable OLED display. The company disclosed that a task force is being formed and LG is building a “rigid flexible printed circuit board” for the display.

In its efforts to remain ahead of Samsung, Apple has also filed a patent regarding its plans related to a folding iPhone. The title of the patent is ‘Electronic Devices with Displays’ that talks about a device with a ‘flexible portion’ and ‘flexible display’ that could either be folded with or without joint. In addition, the patent also includes display details as it would be OLED and locked in rigid covering in order to maintain the shape of the device (in case its open or folded). One major reason behind Apple-LG partnership could be that the former wants to rely less on Samsung which was initially providing OLED panels to Apple for its iPhone X.

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Apple and Samsung are expected to come head-on with their foldable smartphones

With the new foldable smartphone innovation being developed by two tech giants, nothing can stop the two from coming head-on in future. We have already seen the glimpse of this expected battle with just the news of the launch. However, Apple is slightly lagging as its news will not materialize till 2020 and Samsung will have the first mover advantage for almost two years. Additionally, Samsung had been working on this innovation way before 2009.

To Apple’s defense, the company is famous for coming late in the market and still managing to remain strong. Some of the classic examples include MP3 player, smartphone, tablet and smartwatch. Moreover, a few components also made their mark since Touch ID came much later than fingerprint readers but it still took the leap quickly.

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Nonetheless, no one can stop the expected clash between Apple and Samsung as both are pulling every string possible in order to stay on top of the revolutionary foldable smartphone technology. Although Samsung will hit the market first in 2018 but we know for sure that Apple is also working fiercely to offset this time lapse.


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