Update On Cards For Apple Laptop Lineup At WWDC In June

An announcement of an update to Apple laptop lineup at WWDC – Annual Conference for App Developers is expected in early June. This move is being seen as a necessary step to see of new competition from Microsoft and declining iPad sales.

A Look Into Apple Plans

Inside sources while maintaining anonymity are stating that we can expect three new laptops come June. An interesting development will see a faster Kaby Lake processor from Intel for the flagship MacBook Pro. Apple is also planning to upgrade the 12-inch MacBook with a more powerful Intel chip. The company is also considering plans for updating the 13-inch MacBook air with a new processor. MacBook Air despite being the cheapest remains one of the top selling Apple products.

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We were unable to learn of any comments from both Apple and Intel on the leaked updates for Apple hardware.

Is Mac Still Important For Apple?

The Mac lineup is currently only generating 11 percent of the total $216 billion annual sales. The iPhone accounts to almost 60 percent of the total revenue that is being made by Apple. There has been some thought in the past about restricting the Mac division and focusing even further on the research and development for the iPhone, but loyalists within Apple have stood firm against any such move. Many in the firm believe that Mac remains the cornerstone for the ever evolving company.

The competition in the laptop market is also heating up substantially. Only recently, Microsoft debuted the Surface laptop with extra fast boot up time. Surface also has what Microsoft claims ‘the most stable window ever‘ and a touchscreen to boot. Microsoft’s Surface is being seen as a real rival to MacBook Air and Apple it seems, are in agreement with the tech market.

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Apple last updated the 12-inch MacBook in the spring of 2016 – that too with a Rose Gold color option. The MacBook Air has been waiting for a speed boost since 2015. The stall in Mac updates has not been limited to laptops; Apple’s desktops have lagged too. Apple pledged to release major upgrades to the Mac Pro and iMac with better specifications for expert users in the future. The competition it seems is finally beginning to get the best (chips) out of Apple. Being a user who fancies good machines, long may this competition last

*inputs from bloomberg tech, Apple podcast, Microsoft Surface Release Specs.

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