Microsoft Update: iOS Developers Can Now Build Apps Directly In Windows 10

Microsoft has released alpha version for Visual Studio which will help developers test their iOS and Android Apps on Windows 10. The latest Microsoft update is aimed at cross-platform independence ensuring that developers don’t have to switch between hardwares to test their apps.

Thursday has been a bust day the Microsoft head quarters. In an exciting new development, the tech giant has updated its Xamarin.ios which will go a long way in creating cross-platform scalability. The app will let iOS developers create, debug, and test their apps in a windows environment. Conversely, Xamarin.ios for Mac will enable Mac users to create, debug, and test their android apps without requiring an Android based machine.

What is Xamarin?

If you are a developer, you are probably already aware of the company and what it does. Xamarin is a Micorosoft-owned company based in Silicon Valley (California, USA) helping achieve cross-platform independence. With a C# (pronounced as C-Sharp) shared codebase, developers can use Xamarin tools to write android, iOS, and Windows apps.

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If you are developing apps for iOS on Windows based machines, you could use Xamarin for Visual Studio. The problem however, came in the form of testing the apps. As a developer, you needed access to Mac machines to simulate Apple environment to fully test an iOS app on it. The same was true for mobile apps which needed to be tested in a real-time iOS environment.

This seems like a problem, doesn’t it? And this is where Xamarin Live Player comes in the picture.

The Xamarin Live Player?

Xamarin Live enables developers to continuously deploy, test, and debug their apps, directly on iOS and Android devices. After downloading the Xamarin Live Player – available in the App Store or on Google Play – you can pair your device with Visual Studio and revolutionize the way you build your next great app.

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These apps allow you to write, execute, and debug code continuously on an iOS or Android device straight from developer interface. It supports them both with a traditional development cycle (write, compile, run, debug) or you can launch your application in live mode, where the code is automatically recompiled and reloaded on a per-view basis continuously.

Microsoft maintains that it has full backing and support from Apple, as the test environment exactly mimics the iOS.

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