Bangalore Police Impressed With The Hacker They Caught; Want To Hire Him Now

When the last time you heard that was a police of a particular country is so impressed with the suspect that they would now like to hire him for his services? Well, a recent incident took place when Bangalore Police got impressed with the level of hacking skills of a suspect they caught that now they would like to attain his services.

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Abhinav Srivastava – A mindboggling hacker

Less than a week ago, Bangalore Police arrested Abhinav Srivastava for his prime role in Aadhaar data theft. It is relevant to state that Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identity number which is issued to all the Indian residents (same like CNIC number is issued to Pakistani residents).

Being a computer and cyber security expert, Abhinav was the brains behind developing an app known as Aadhaar KYC. In addition, he hosted the app on Google Play Store. The prime functionality of the app is that it could access all the Aadhaar data illegally. He was arrested on the charge of exploiting and exposing sensitive information to the general public.

However, the investigation left the police officers in awe and they were stunned by his proficiency in cyber security and hacking. During a 6-hour long investigation, Abhinav demonstrated how he managed to deface the Aadhaar data. An outside factor which helped him in stealing the data was the e-hospital website which did not support HTTPS. Subsequently, the communication between the browser and the website was not encrypted at all and it made things relatively easier for Abhinav to hack the data.

The prodigy works at an Indian firm, Ola. His per annum earning is whopping INR 42 lakh. If Bangalore police are to attain his services, they will have to offer him a massive amount before Abhinav thinks about switching.

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Statement of the police

The Bangalore Police while quoting the accused stated:

“I developed the app giving out e-KYC details, thinking it would help the common man access Aadhaar information. I had no other intention”

A Central Crime Branch (CCB) detective commented:

“He’s trying to convince us that he is not a hardcore criminal. However, that can only be decided after the investigation is over”

Do you think Bangalore police will acquire his services in the future?

Source: Times of India

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Vasan

    11/08/2017 at 1:43 pm

    I strongly support that, talented persons like Abhinav Srivastava, should be hired for National Security Agencies, so that they can cross check all the online government databases are safe, and no one can hack the national systems.

    Also he should be trained for Online Anti-Terrorism squared, so that time to time government can monitor suspected activities of terrorists message exchanges, and keep out country safe from all bad elements.

    US is always doing this.

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