Developers, Pick The Right Color For Your Apps With This New Google Tool

Google has launched a new google tool for developers that allows them to test different colors for their app. This new tool is not just limited to testing different color palettes but also covers all facets of the application’s design; such as basic layout and effective use of animations. The developers can deploy the color scheme, share and discuss with other developers.

This initiative adds on to the Material Design initiative launched earlier where the company involved developers to work with them and issued the guidelines. Previously, Google has been putting special emphasis to the color combinations during deployment phase.

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Now, the company has built on its previous effort by launching this color app. It enables designers and developers to see what the app looks like while using various color combinations.

The legitimacy of the text in tandem with the color scheme

Apart from creating and sharing color palettes, this new google tool matches the color scheme with a sample user interface and to other material design components in CodePen. This acts as a playing field for front-end developers to come up with various combinations.

A very vital aspect of the tool is to determine the legibility of text in conjunction with the selected color theme. This is possible as there are Web Content Accessibility Guidelines built in the tool. This feature makes it easy to develop the right contrast between text and background. As a result, users don’t have to face any difficulty in reading the text clearly.

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Let’s review the key features of the new google tool

  1. Create right color schemes while using the perfect combination of primary and secondary colors
  2. The most intriguing feature is that it allows designers and developers to look at the preview of their selected color palette using material design components while also editing HTML, CSS or JavaScript.
  3. It evaluates the legibility of the text on different colored backgrounds while using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.


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