Fiverr Stands Up and Takes Notice of Pakistani Freelancing Prowess!

Good news for all you freelancers out there! Fiverr is going to sponsor a community event in Lahore soon.

As you all know, Fiverr is an immensely popular online portal for getting freelance work. Fiverr offers freelancers from all over the world an easy to use platform to sell their skills.

All you need to do is register yourself on the site and offer your service. Basic service is offered at $5 (hence the name) and top ups can go up to your discretion. For example, a landing page template design can be for $5 and an additional inner page design can be for another $5, so you can make $10! That’s what I call easy money.

Fiverr claims to offer more than three million services by its users priced within $5 and $5000.

Fiverr’s community event

It is no secret that there is a huge community of Pakistani freelancers offering various services on Fiverr. In fact, almost any category related to website design and development has Pakistani’s offering their services.

It is thus no wonder that Fiverr has taken the initiative to sponsor a community event in Lahore.

The event will be hosted by a top rated Pakistani on Fiverr, Mr. Nauman Saeed. This event will provide a great rendezvous point for Pakistanis who buy and sell on Fiverr.

At the event, freelancers will get the opportunity to assess new ideas, share stories and achievements, drawbacks and issues faced or even join other freelancers to offer combined services that add value.

On the event page (you can check it out here), the event is introduced as “… your chance to meet other Fiverr Sellers & Buyers just like you. Many Top Rated Sellers and professional freelancers will be attending the event. Hear new ideas, share your story and best of all take home some awesome Fiverr swag! “

And, as it is an officially backed Fiverr event, we totally agree that there will definitely be some awesome Fiverr swag!

Where and when is the event?

As mentioned, the event will be held in Lahore. The date of the event is Sunday, the 21st of February, 2016 and the event will be held at the Zoraiz Hall, Luxus Grand Hotel, Edgerton Road, Lahore. As it is a Sunday, it is an afternoon event and will open its doors at 4pm and will last till 6pm.

As per the event page, food and drinks will be served and lucky participants will also get to take home Fiverr branded gifts.

Although internationally these events are commonplace, having such an event in Pakistan is proof that we are making some serious ripples in the freelance world, which has made a giant such as Fiverr stand up and take notice.



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