Google Invites You To Build Perfect Home Screen Through #myAndroid

Google’s wide variety of customization options in its android operating system is one of the competitive advantages that it has over Apple’s IOS. Apple could never allow the same feature for its iPhone and iPad users. Conversely, android users who don’t have the knowledge of how their smartphone should look like, face problem employing such flexibility of customization options. To overcome the problem, Google has launched an online tool #myAndroid to help its users in terms of Android customization.

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About the #myAndroid Taste Test

The #myAndroid Taste Test, Google’s online tool, aims to help users design the perfect home screen for their Android smartphones. Opposite to what Android fans are familiar with, this tool is designed for regular users for home screen customization.

The #my Android tool is like the entertaining quizzes found on Facebook that describe your personality trait. When the tool is launched, users are asked to provide answers to multiple questions. The questions will further determine the perfect home screen for the user’s Android device on the basis of the answers.

It is a short quiz session which may take just few minutes. The questions include various choices between color themes, wallpapers, icons, user’s skill and even some few tests that resemble psychology. Additionally, to determine preferences, questions are formulated to understand what users need on their home screen.

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When the quiz is over, the application will offer users with three options that include an icon pack, wallpapers, a launcher and widgets. Google will provide variety of third party launchers among the offered options instead of keeping the limited old ones. The options also contain download links for users to choose to create their desired home screen.

Worth of #myAndroid Taste Test

Though android fans may have designed their perfect home screen, but it’ll be fun to take the #myAndroid Taste Test. Users can tap into new possible customization combinations through recommendations offered by the tools.

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Regular users or those who just switched from IOS to Android can easily choose between the choices for the perfect home screen. The tool also highlights the possible customization options for it operating system available for such users.

Source: Tech Times

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