New Skype Preview App for Android and iOS – Skype Spicing Up Chats

Microsoft’s long struggle to keep Skype afloat might meet success with some innovative features being introduced by the company. The company has launched a Skype preview app which could be downloaded and tested on Google Play. The iOS version, which is available for a very limited preview, could be opened by signing up to become a Skype Insider through Apple’s test flight program.

The app has been revamped with four new features with excessive focus on self-expression and having some fun with your contacts. These features include integrated camera, find panel, in-call reactions, and messaging reactions.

At the moment Skype is reluctant to introduce the features to all its users, and is interested to receive limited customer feedback first. Interestingly, Microsoft has also promised some “new enhancements and features” but has not given any time limits.

What are the Features?

Integrated Camera

This means that the user can swipe to click an image and share it to the chat. However, the fun part is that it lets you add emoticons, stickers, and annotations to the given picture. As a result, it adds flair to your chat communication and makes it more interactive.

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Find Panel

The most fascinating feature is this find panel which is only a swipe away. It allows you to quickly search and share links with your contacts. These links could be of news, sports, weather, videos restaurants etc. and you don’t have to leave the app.

In-call and Messaging Reactions

Since the focus is on reactions, so in-call reaction allows you to add live emoticons, additional text in your chat, and real time photos while you are talking on your video call. Thus, making your video calls all the more fun.

The company believes that feedback is imperative for its success and states:

“Of course, while you’re having fun with our new features, know that this is a work in progress; so we’re hoping to get your feedback. Simply tap the heart icon on the main screen while on Skype Preview and you will be able to send your comments to our team; helping us in shaping the future of Skype. Making Skype better for you is what drives us. We are very excited to listen to what you think of these new additions”

Despite all the novel features, Skype will not have promising prospects if the company fails to fix its syncing issues which could disrupt the entire experience.

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