Now Businesses Can Edit Information Directly in Search, Thanks to Google’s New Dashboard

By this time it is needless to point out that the noun Google has become synonyms with the verb search. When looking for most of the answers online, people begin with Google search to resolve their queries. To enable businesses to reach their target market effectively, Google has launched a new dashboard specifically designed to allow companies to directly edit and add information in their Google Search.

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The pros of the dashboard

Google had always allowed companies to add information about their business through the free ‘Google My Business’ Service. Subsequently, businesses could later change or update information including business hours, contact details, and photos etc. However, now the web giant has decided to make it more convenient for the businesses to edit a company link. The primary requirement for this dashboard is to keep yourself logged on to your business account.

Just enter the keywords on Google Search, find your specific listing and you will have a series of update options presented to you horizontally. Therefore, business users can manage their online presence effectively.

Since companies make changes frequently, so it is imperative to keep their customers updated: be it a new website; a slight change in a restaurant menu; a new price strategy or launch of a new product! What if a home based business decided to change its business hours? This dashboard allows them to become more flexible.

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What makes it more dynamic is the fact that it allows the company to update information on a regular basis. As the dashboard facilitates them to make changes every time they search their company on Google.

It has double benefit for Google; it will not only add to its image of being the most reliable search engine but also keep information updated for both Google Search and Google Maps.

Other than providing information, the dashboard also shows the number of profile views the listing has generated. Moreover, it also prompts if any new photos or reviews have been uploaded for the users to view.

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